There’s no dearth of paranormal stories on the internet. While some believe in supernatural beings, some don’t. However, we all have heard stories about encountering a spirit or a supernatural being. And today, we stumbled upon a thread where people revealed their real-life paranormal stories that would definitely send shivers down your spine.

 If you are looking forward to a sleepless night, read on these paranormal stories!


1. “When I was 17, I started to see a woman out of the corner of my eye. I started seeing her more and more frequently but any time I turned to get a good look, she was gone. Then, on one random night, I was sitting on the couch long, after everyone had gone to bed. Then, I saw her again but she started chasing me and I bolted up to the second floor where my bedroom was. I had to sleep with every light in my room on that night and slept completely underneath the covers because I just knew that whatever was in the basement, was now under my bed. I slept with the lights on every night for a week because I was convinced if I didn’t, it would kill me. The paranoia and lights on for days happened a few more times over the years but only ever in that house and nowhere else.”

– enghost

2. “I worked in a hotel that was about 100 years old at the time. I never saw anything that crazy myself, but I’d go into the basement every hour or so and doors would be shut with the lights out one hour and open with the lights on the next. I was the only person in the building with keys to any of those doors. My brother was working there with me. He was coming out of the walk-in and reaching for the lock when he heard a voice from inside say “No! Don’t!” He freaked out, threw the lock and immediately heard something pounding on the door from the inside. It scared the shit out of him and shook his entire belief system. He quit within the week and refuses to talk about it almost ten years later.”

– cabron-de-mierda

3. “I have extremely vivid memories of me and my ex doing a bunch of art classes for fun as a couples thing. My ex continued to do landscapes and she was really good at it. I even remember going to multiple local arts and crafts stores to buy painting supplies. We broke up and I kept 6 of the paintings wrapped up. I even remember multiple times seeing the paintings when going through my storage locker and kept debating to throw them out. We briefly got back together a few years later. I off-handedly mentioned that I still had her art and she was extremely confused. She claimed that we never ever took an art class together and she has never painted in her life beyond middle school. This caused a huge rift between us, I thought I was right, and she thought she was right. I got so frustrated that we ended up driving out to the storage locker. All 6 of the canvases were blank and I could not find any of the shared painting supplies that I swear were in a big red plastic container right by the paintings. She honestly thought I was crazy and I doubted my memory. The relationship ended up falling apart pretty quickly not long after that and went no contact. Then a few months later, when I went to grab camping supplies from my storage locker, all 6 paintings were there, no blank canvases to be found along with the red plastic storage container full of our art supplies including some printouts with both our names from the art class.”

– SonOfSpades

4. “When I was about 11, we went on an overnight camping trip in the woods. In the middle of the night, nature called and I went outside. There, I saw an older teen in a varsity jacket, standing outside, taking a smoke. I asked him where was a “good place to go” and he smiled at me. I turned away for a second and when I looked back, he was gone. The next morning, I asked my counsellor about the guy and when I described him, he turned white. He said that in the 50s, a bunch of local kids had gone into the woods and were murdered. I laughed it off, thinking he was just trying to scare me. Several years later, when the internet was a thing, I ended up remembering the incident one day and searching it out. Turns out my counsellor was 100% correct and the hairs on my body stood on end. Ever since then, I’ve been convinced there are such things as ghosts.”

– Devolutionator

5. “As a kid, I had multiple recurring dreams of standing in my grandparents’ backyard and looking at the back of their house. Nothing was visually “off” but something just felt horribly wrong. I had that same dream for years but never mentioned it to anyone because it was so bland. In 2018, my dad walked out to that spot in the yard and killed himself. I haven’t had the dream since.”

– OSUJillyBean

6. “I was babysitting my two younger cousins at their home, which was about a hundred years old and situated next to a graveyard. There wasn’t necessarily a bad feeling in the house whenever we were there, but it was a bit creepy at night looking out at the headstones. I headed back downstairs after they were in their beds and I had said goodnight. I sat down and almost immediately I heard a commotion of doors and the girls talking loudly. When I got upstairs, they were at the end of the hallway, around a corner, and they were pushing their hands against the door to the attic as if trying to keep someone/something from coming through. “We gotta shut it! Help us shut it!”, they half shouted and half whispered. I’m already on edge because of the house and so when I put my hand up against the old, heavy attic door, I absolutely shat when I felt SOMETHING PUSHING BACK from the other side. I paused for a moment in shock, then quickly and forcefully slammed it shut.”

– soup_yahtzee

7. “My dad told me a story about when he was working at a furniture company. The shop was quiet and he was the only one there. He heard his dad call his name. He turned to look but no one was there. He got a call the next day saying his father had passed away that night.”

– JsDaFax

8. “When I was 6, my mom and I moved into a run-down basement apartment in a crappy building downtown. I remember the first night we spent there, an old woman came and sat on the edge of my bed and started singing softly in a language I didn’t understand. I wasn’t scared of her but I did feel like she wanted me to do something or go somewhere with her and I did not want to. I told my mom who said it was just a dream, but the old lady kept coming back. Each time, she was getting angrier at me and getting uglier too, like her face was fuzzy with shadows and her eyes were black. I ended up sleeping with my mom for the rest of the month until we moved. I was worried the old woman would follow but she didn’t.”

– Thin_Host

9. “In my early 20s, I went through a lot. I lost my career due to the housing collapse. I lost my college free ride. My wife left me because “she never loved me”. It was a hard time as I was stuck at a job and I hated living alone. My family isn’t the super encouraging type and we don’t do emotions. The only person that ever told me what I needed to hear was my grandmother, who passed away when I was 14-ish. So, one night, I’m in my apartment, drinking and thinking about ending it all. I fall asleep. the next thing I know is that everything is white and I see my grandmother. She says “it will be ok. I know you will make it.” I woke up screaming with tears running down my face. I don’t remember my dreams ever but this is vivid. I’m proud to say that 15 years later, I’m a proud father with a career, wife and house. The woman was right, as always.”

– Brau87

10. “I was sleeping in my room and woke up in the middle of the night for no reason until I realised someone was standing next to my bed. Since it was dark, I could only see a figure but once my eyes got used to the darkness, I saw it was a human figure wearing a white dress and its head was bending down towards me a little as if it was watching me sleep. I couldn’t see its face. I thought it was my little sister so I asked “what are you doing in my room”. No answer. I realised it couldn’t be my sister as it seemed to be a lot taller than my sister. I carefully raised my leg to check if it was a real person. My foot didn’t hit anything and then the figure slowly disappeared. After that, I panicked and hit the lights on and couldn’t sleep at all that night. It was so weird and I have no idea what that was. This happened over 8 years ago and I still think about it.”

– Significant_Dust_355

11. “There’s an urban legend somewhat near my house that was passed on through a generation or so about an old bridge. My brother, friend and I went out there a couple of times and one night, we got really ballsy and went out there and walked down the road. Super creepy road, thick woods and dilapidated houses. We walk past a house where a kid supposedly murdered his parents and went to the bridge. We decided to keep going after not seeing anything. We get to this long driveway in a clearing with an old, old church-looking building. No cars, nothing in their yard. The grass was unkempt. So naturally, we started walking up the driveway and I heard what sounded like an “SKKKRRRSHSHHHHHH” very loudly. Right in front of us. I froze in place to make sure what I was hearing wasn’t a part of my imagination. I turn around and my 2 accomplices were already 100 yards away sprinting away. We get back to my house and we discussed what it could’ve been and I said it sounded like a car peeling out in the gravel. They agreed. That night I went online and I found a website of local urban legends and hauntings. I was reading stories from years prior, where someone wrote that he had gone to a church past the bridge and heard what sounded like a car peeling out. It gave me the chills.”

– GuyMansworth

12. “My wife had a miscarriage about 7 years ago. We now have a son and daughter. One night this past winter, I’m sleeping and woke up with the feeling that I’m being watched. I lift my head and look toward our bedroom door and see, who I think is my daughter, standing in our doorway. I call her name and ask if she’s ok, but no response. I get up and walk over to check on her and the shape of her disappears. Thoroughly confused, I go to her room, pop the door open a crack and see she’s sleeping. I close her door and head back to bed, only to see the shadow girl on the other side of the bed, where I sleep. I walk over to that side and she disappears again. On several other occasions since then, I’ll see this shadow figure slightly bigger than my daughter in our bedroom at night. Sometimes I’ll see her in the doorway, standing by our bed, or hanging out in bed with us. I have no explanation for our occasional shadow visitor other than perhaps it’s the spirit of our daughter that we miscarried. At first, I found these visits unnerving, but now I’ve just come to accept them.”

– aodskeletor

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