We all have boundaries, but we still tend to forget that all of us are constructed in different ways. Which means, that if we’re comfortable with something, someone else might not be. This sounds easy, but concepts personal space or individual choice are usually dismissed, even in so-called “civil societies”.

Redditors share their boundaries that people have a hard time respecting:

1. “Mine is that I really hate hugs and physical contact, but people always just ignore it or say that I’m being rude. Contact of any kind without my permission (even just a poke or a pat to get my attention) makes me nauseous and itchy.”

2. “I hate having to say ‘no’ more than once. I don’t care what it is or why you’re asking me again but I said no and I want that to be respected. Also, no is a full sentence – I shouldn’t have to explain or justify myself.”

3. “Taking photos of me. I know I’ll probably regret it later in life, but I hate how I look and get anxiety when someone whips out a phone.”

4. “Don’t comment on what I’m eating.

I’ve gone through years of people constantly nitpicking what I’m eating because I’m so thin. It’s wearing. I’ve started not eating at all when someone comments now.”

5. “Don’t tickle me. They’re always surprised Pikachu when I throw full-strength strikes to get it to stop. “You were laughing!” Yeah, it’s a panic response, and I told your dumb face I wasn’t responsible for its condition if you started tickling me.”

6. “Don’t multi-message me to the point that it becomes spam.

They know that I work long shifts and I’m not allowed to use my phone until I’m on a break, they also know that I go to sleep pretty early so if I’m not responding it’s because I can’t, they know that I’ll respond when I can but still I get…”

7. “I don’t need to reply instantly. I have the right to disconnect.

I’m highly sensitive, an introvert and busy. Sometimes I just don’t feel like replying even when I have the time. My friends know and respect this, which I’m very thankful for.”

– MEsyas

8. “I’m answering for my wife. Touching her pregnant belly. It amazes me that people would think it’s okay to wander up and touch a total stranger without permission.”

9. “Bed hygiene. No, you can’t just put luggage and dirty clothes where I’m supposed to sleep and expect me to be okay with that.”

10. “Respect my free time and my decisions I make with it and don’t make me feel obligated to give you part of my free time… that makes me feel pressurized and I won’t even enjoy the time with that person.”

11. “Some might argue that this is too anal – but anyway here it goes: don’t eat from my plate. If you like it you order it but don’t expect me to unconditionally share my order/ food/drink with you!”

12. “I’m not a morning person. Don’t talk to me in the morning I can’t have a conversation when I just woke up. I need to have a coffee to get that horrible morning taste out my mouth.”

13. “Showing up uninvited.”

14. “People calling me pet names, especially ‘baby’. Just don’t do it. I will start referring to you as whichever slightly rude word comes into my head first.”

15. “No smoking in my car, lol literally no one follows it but my mom.”

Tang matt karo, yaar.