If the internet trolls are to be believed, women don’t have any laaj-sharam if they are not covered in a long-ass ghoonghat. And they have proved it time and again. Whenever women have chosen to wear something they want to wear, they have received hate and vile comments from misogynists all over the internet.

After all, If you are a woman and you’re doing something that you want to do, like wearing your choice of clothes, for instance, and not letting the men control you, then you are ruining the famed Bharat ki Sanskriti.

If you are a woman, chances are you’d have been asked, at least once, by your ‘concerned’ partner or family members to wear something more ‘appropriate’, because men can’t control themselves, it’s your responsibility to safeguard yourself. Of course, that has never guaranteed your safety anyway but still. 

Our celebs and celeb kids aren’t far from experiencing these misogynistic trolls. Whenever a celeb woman posts a picture in a bikini, she receives horrendous comments, so much so that these trolls don’t even give a flying fuck about their age. 

Here are *some* of the celebs and celeb kids who have been trolled on the internet for misogynistic reasons. ‘Some‘ because otherwise this list would have gotten way too long.

1. Disha Patani trolled for wearing a bikini time and again

Disha Patani posted a picture of her in a bikini. And all hell breaks loose. Her comments were filled with such filthy replies that I couldn’t even put them here. This wasn’t the first time she got trolled for posting a picture in a bikini, and with the way events are unfolding now, it doesn’t even seem like to be the last.


More like, “misogynists are gonna stay misogynists, so please you sacrifice your freedom.”


2. Priyanka Chopra was trolled for showing her ‘legs’

When Priyanka Chopra met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Berlin, she did the crime of wearing a dress. She sat next to him cross-legged. And oh my god! her legs weren’t even covered. I mean, how could she? That is so disrespectful and against the Indian culture but calling her names for it isn’t disrespectful at all. 


3. Taapsee Pannu was trolled for a wearing a bikini at a beach

Again, a woman wearing a bikini while at a beach? How inappropriate. 

A Twitter user went ahead and said, “In our country, we have freedom of expression, so why don’t you remove the remaining clothes also. Your brother must be feeling proud of you after watching this.”

Ladies, take note, if you are thinking of wearing a bikini, don’t wear anything instead. Else, your brother will be answerable to random retards on the internet, even if you don’t have one.

4. Suhana Khan was trolled for looking like her father (?)

Suhana Khan has been trolled for posting pictures on the internet innumerable times. Whenever she posts a picture, there are always people ready to troll her. Sometimes for wearing a bikini, sometimes for showing her tongue in a picture and sometimes just for looking like her father. No matter how simple her picture is, misogynists just can’t control themselves. 

Navbharat Times

How can she look like one of her parents? Disagraceful!


5. Kangana Ranaut was trolled for posting a picture in a bikini

Another woman trolled for wearing a bikini. Your dress dictates the shaan of your community. And it’s only women’s responsibility to wear appropriate clothes. Shirtless men increase the hotness quota of the community. It’s a fact, look it up.


6. Sonam Kapoor was body-shamed for being too thin, then for gaining weight

She has been trolled for being too thin, she has been trolled for gaining weight. It’s like these people are never happy about any way a woman looks. Sonam Kapoor talked about this in a show and said, “Till I was like a certain age, I was called giraffe because I was too thin. And then when I gained weight they said, ‘bahut patli hai,’ ‘bahut moti ho gayi hai,’ ‘kaali ho gayi hai,’ ‘lambi ho gayi hai, shaadi kaun karega.’

Bollywood Hungama

Shaadi kaun karega?

7. Aaliyah Kashyap was trolled for promoting a lingerie brand

Aaliyah Kashyap is the daughter of filmmaker Anurag Kashyap. She is also a digital creator. And these two things combined make a special potion to attract misogynistic comments on the internet. She once posted a picture on Instagram to promote a lingerie brand, and the comment section were filled with filth, to say the least.


She got so badly trolled, with some calling her a slut and some suggesting she should join porn instead. These comments got so bad and impacted her mental health so adversely that she even thought of deleting her Instagram account. 

8. Ira Khan was trolled for wearing a bikini in front of her father

Aamir Khan’s daughter, Ira Khan, recently celebrated her 25th birthday with her family. And she got badly trolled by misogynists because she was wearing a bikini in the picture. And hey! how can women choose to wear whatever the f they want? People shamed her for wearing a bikini in front of her father because apparently fathers turn into sexual predators if their daughters are not completely covered up?

The most common question in the comment section of all these pictures was, “is this Indian culture?” Let me ask you, is shaming women for what they wear and how they look and passing obscene comments that are so despicable that I couldn’t even bring myself to add them to this article, is that Indian culture? 

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