The differences between North and South India don’t just end at language and food. There are also the little differences, such as tone, mannerisms, and the intonation of certain words and gestures that might make for a compliment up top, but a derogatory remark down below. People on Quora had a few thoughts on the matter, check it out. 

1. “The drop year. Or ‘Taiyaari’. Several North Indian kids are encouraged to take an year off after school to prepare for IIT JEE or medical entrance exams. In South India, the drop year is something almost unheard of.” – Deepa Shankar

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2. “The socially accepted thing is use of foul words – BEHEN**OD and MADAR**OD.” – Anish


3. “Wearing red lipstick is acceptable in north India. In South, it is almost mandatory to wear simple jewellery and neatly ironed cotton sarees. Anything more and you become the centre of attention of needless gossip mongers. – Srividya Radhakrishnan

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4. “Bhang consumption in a family setting.” – Oraf


5. “Anywhere in the North, in old styled ‘Men only’ hair cutting saloons, you can see young mothers bringing their male child/ children for a hair cut and waiting for their turn, along with other gents sitting on the same bench. in the South, ladies simply don’t enter old styled ‘Men only’ hair cutting saloons! – Ramesh V 

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6. “Full covering head with corner of saree in front of diety is the customs of Northern ladies which is amanangal to South Indian ladies.” – Maniyan Kannan