As a kid I never paid attention to my father telling me to sit straight otherwise I’ll ruin my posture. As an adult, I realise how important it was when I complain of back ache every day. Parents teach us a lot of things. While it’s okay to not agree with some, when you look back, you’ll realise that some of these things they taught us were absolutely right.

1. Eat your vegetables and take care of your health from an early stage.

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2. Don’t trust people who are cruel to animals.


3. Never take anything for granted.

4. Your word is your honour. If you say you are going to do something do it, mean it, own it.

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5. Not everyone is your friend.

6. Don’t try to take care of other people until you can take care of yourself first.

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7. TV dekhne se aankhein kharab ho jayegi.

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8. Always ask what you deserve. Jyada se jyada nahi bolenge.

9. Turn the lights off when you walk out of the room.

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10. Always pee before you leave the house because you do not know where you’ll find a clean toilet.


11. Save money.

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12. Don’t be on that phone all damn time.


13. Dono side dekh kar road cross karo.


14. Keep things back where you picked them from.

15. Don’t make noise while chewing food.

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16. Never put the spoon back in the jar after you’ve already licked it.

17. Nothing in life is free.

18. Learn to be humble, kind and grateful as you never know what others are going through.

19. You’ll feel better if you clean your room.


20. Sit up straight.


I am surely going to teach these things to my kids despite knowing that they won’t take it seriously, just like I didn’t.

What are the things you think your parents taught you right?