The first impression is the last impression.

There’s no doubt that it’s the personality that makes a person likeable and today, we stumbled upon a thread where people revealed the things that they silently judge people for. Trust us, you need to go through these.

Read on.


1. “Watching videos at full volume in public.” 


2. “Throwing trash out the window of their car.”


3. “Being obliviously in the way. Like getting to the end of an escalator and just standing there. Or standing with a group of people in a doorway or aisle. Or stopping to stare at your phone in the middle of the sidewalk. Just move out of the way like 2 steps and everyone’s life is easier.”


4. “Being shit parents. I had a lady come to the shop with her daughter. Kept yelling at her, calling her stupid. She had a “world’s best mom” bumper sticker.”


5. “Leaving the bathroom without washing your hands. I’m not touching that door handle with my bare hands when I leave and definitely won’t be shaking your hand later.”


6. “Chewing with their mouth open and drunkenly touching people.”


7. “People who keep their dogs on chains outside 24/7.”


8. “Not being able to accept other viewpoints and not ever admitting that they are wrong on any point.”


9. “When people type “loose” instead of “lose”.”


10. “I silently judge people who do extremely hard hikes/dangerous hikes woefully unprepared or wearing sandals/sneakers/inappropriate footwear.”


11. “The only time I feel I judge people like this is when I’m driving. Speed up, pay attention to the road, use your signals and don’t be an idiot. It’s not that hard.”


12. “If they’re disagreeable and never grateful for anything or anyone.”


13. “People who talk with their mouths full.”


14. “Being shitty to service workers.”


15. “Coughing and sneezing directly into their hands.”


Well, now you know the parameters for not being judged.