How often have we heard, or even said it ourself, that ‘love’ no longer exists? Too many times to count, really. But these real-life couples not only won the internet over with their love stories but also opened our hearts to romance again: 

1. Sundas and Anjali

Sundas is from Pakistan. Anjali is from India. The two met in New York. And their ‘New York love story’ is all kinds of wonderful – a fact that turned their photoshoot into a social media viral sensation. Because a love like theirs definitely deserves to be celebrated. 

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Simrah wanted to create a video that captured the way it felt when Sufi and I first met. When I think back to that warm day in May, I remember holding hands for the first time at the top of the Empire State Building, wandering with our friends down to Bryant park, lying in a patch of sunshine and talking like we’d known each other for lifetimes, sharing a bag of just-sweet-enough cherries. I don’t think anything could really capture the abundance of warm, loving queer energy we felt that weekend, but we got close here. I’m so grateful that Simrah captured us as we are, Sufi the goofy romantic, and me, still in awe of all the ways she teaches me more about myself every day. Go check out the video on Simrah’s page! Happy Pride friends 💘 Shot on film by @simrahfarrukh Styled in custom pieces by @riya.xx Hand strung garlands by me, sufs, and sims 🌸

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Anjali has changed me in ways I could’ve never imagined. her love is constant, she waters me and I grow. everything about our first hangout to our first date to our first kiss has been romantic beyond comparison. I still remember the first month I met Anjali, I didn’t write for a month. I couldn’t find the right words to describe how her presence in my life made me feel. We’ve been through a lot over these past few months, stuck in between spaces and weird transition phases. But we always try with each other, we choose each other. I’m certain I’ve known Anjali in a past life.. I somehow intuitively always knew the love of my life’s name would start with an A and here she is. I adorn every second of every minute of everyday where I get to share my moments with this ambitious capricorn doofus head. And a big thank you to @allison__stoddard who captured our love in its truest form!

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2. Vijayan and Mohana

A love for tea and traveling sounds like a match made in heaven. And that’s exactly what Vijayan and Mohana’s life proves – because the two have traveled over 23 countries by selling tea. And clearly, they show no signs of stopping. Their story of love and companionship is so inspiring, that it became the subject of a short documentary film, Invisible Wings.


3. The elderly couple who rocked the dance floor on the song Lamberghini. 

At a function, this adorable couple took to the dance floor on one of the most popular tracks of the time – Lamberghini. Their graceful moves and undeniable happiness turned them into a viral sensation. Shortly after, their daughter posted another video of the two dancing and enjoying each other’s company. This is the kind of romance that trumps fairy tales. 


4. Amit Shah and Aditya Madiraju

This adorable couple tied the knot at the Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in New Jersey, and their warm and romantic photoshoot had the internet cheering for the rainbow shades of love. Dressed in gorgeous Anita Dongre outfits, and surrounded by the love of family and friends, their wedding was every bit as amazing as them. 

5. The couple who sported half-and-half Indo-Pak jerseys during a World Cup match. 

Everyone knows that when it comes to India and Pakistan, cricket is not just a sport. It’s a religion.  But, during the 2019 World Cup, this couple managed to cheer their teams and support each other, by sporting jerseys that were divided in half for India and Pakistan. No wonder the internet was bowled over!

6. Mekhala and Tatum

Mekhala is from Maharashtra, India. Tatum is from Texas, USA. And the two married – in Hindu and Christian ceremonies – after dating for ten years. Throughout their relationship, there were multiple obstacles – but they overcame them all. And their wedding ceremonies proved that nothing makes for a better photo-op than a venue showered with love and blessings. 

Erica Camille Productions
Erica Camille Productions

7. Menaka Guruswamy and Arundhati Katju

This lawyer couple proved that sometimes, love truly has the power to change the world. The two lawyers were part of the group that fought tooth and nail to help abolish the draconian Section 377. And when they came out as a couple, the social media was coloured with happiness.


These couples prove that sometimes real-life love stories are more magical than what we could ever imagine.