After commitment, the next big step in a relationship is moving in together. Sure, it takes a lot of planning and adjustments, and there are a lot of other dynamics a couple needs to consider.

People on Reddit are sharing the most wholesome stories about what happened when they moved in together. Though it’s a bumpy ride, there are many perks too. 

1. “My quality of life went way up. I eat breakfast like every day now. I eat less fast food because making food for two people is easier than one. I actually go to bed rather than fall asleep.”


2. “I found it’s harder to be apart for long periods after you’ve lived with your SO and home no longer feels like home without them there. It’s really enjoyable but it’s also difficult if you just want a second to yourself.”


3. “I remember the first time I tripped over her shoes at my place, it was adorable. A real “I’m not alone,” warm and fuzzy feeling.”


4. “There was one night shortly after moving in together that he went out with friends and didn’t come home until 7:30 in the morning. I was mostly panicking because he’d left on his motorcycle, and I hadn’t heard from him since about 1. His phone had died. After that incident, he never went out to drink on the motorcycle, and never stayed out that late without telling me again.”


5. “I had to start being more clean and respecting how she wanted our place to look. I didn’t even realize how particular she was until then and it caused more than a few arguments. We finally worked it out and we keep it more in the middle now, which is doable for us both.”


6. “When I moved in with my wife, then girlfriend, we only had one bowl to our name. We took turns eating cereal for breakfast. After I managed to trip over a cord we were also down to one lamp. We moved it around the apartment as needed. It definitely showed me I didn’t need things to be happy so long as I had her.”


7. “When your SO moves in, you’ll pick a side of the bed to sleep on. Pick wisely, this is now your side for the next 30 years.”


8. “Used to be a night owl, started appreciating getting up earlier, and having a slower pace to start the day with all that extra time. Can lounge around in my boxers drinking coffee petting my cat for 2 hours if I want. Better than being up at 1, bed head, and have to be somewhere 20 minutes later, forgetting to put on deodorant, forget my bus pass, running around, scrambling, no coffee, and skipped breakfast.”


9. “Ironically the amount of time we spend together. Now that we live together, we greet each other after getting home from work, spend a couple of hours in separate rooms doing our own thing (me: gaming; him: surfing Facebook/watching TV) before having dinner together and watching TV together on the couch for an hour or two.”


10. “How fast food is eaten. It’s the one thing I never would have expected or even considered. For example, before when I lived alone I could order a pizza and have leftovers for at least two more days. Or a big pot of chili would last a week. Now it’s pretty rare to have more than two slices of pizza leftover for the next day.” 


11. “Moved straight from a college dorm into a nice apartment with my boyfriend. Honestly, everything is basically the same except that I now have access to a full kitchen and so I’m eating a lot healthier. Also, he saves money by not having to drive an hour to see me. Living together is awesome.”


12. “I wake up multiple times throughout the night and will roll over and kiss his shoulder/head and make sure I’m not hogging the covers, while before us living together I couldn’t even share my bed with my beagle without thinking he’s taking up the whole bed. Feels good to love.”


13. “All the little everyday happiness. Just a general feeling of belonging. I am very grateful to experience this daily.”


14. “The amount we care about what we look like in front of each other. No make-up or fixing up the hair. Too full? Go ahead and pop that shirt off and let that sucker breathe. Pretty relaxing.


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