You must have read about different sex toys to amp up your sex life, but did you know that a pillow can actually amplify pleasure in the bedroom? That’s correct. Here’s your guide to know everything about a sex pillow. Read on. 


Just like an ordinary pillow helps you in sleeping comfortably, a sex pillow helps you in enhancing sexual pleasure with your partner. However, a sex pillow is quite different from a regular pillow.


While the bed pillows are way too soft, a sex pillow is made up of dense foam and is designed especially to enhance your sexual positions. 

Sex pillow, which is a firm pillow that’s angled like a ramp, comes in a number of shapes and sizes depending on your comfort and preference. These pillows help a couple to enjoy pleasure-focused sexual activities for a longer period as it helps in holding specific positions. 


For deeper and softer penetration, thrusting and grinding, one needs to keep a sex pillow under their thighs to elevate their pelvis and butt up. This will allow their partner to go deeper. You can also flip it over and put your stomach on the sex pillow so that it takes off the weight from your hands. Men can easily prop their butt up with the sex pillow.

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Apart from having sex, it’s a great tool for fingering and oral sex. You can even use it while working as a back support. It will instantly give you a little lift and comfortable support.

There are a number of sex pillows available on the internet in different shapes, sizes and colours. 

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