Okay, firstly, what constitutes a bad date for you? Something that is less talkative, creepy, or just boring- it’s different for everyone though. Nonetheless, if you are planning to go on a date, you know things can go haywire sometimes, and it’s best to be a little self-prepared.   

Today, we have compiled a list of things you can do to end a bad date gracefully because life is too short to stick back and have a bad time!

1. “I think it depends on how bad the conversation is. This has only happened once to me, but we chatted for about 15-20 minutes and then I thanked him for his time and ended the call. Followed up with a text saying I enjoyed it but it wasn’t the connection I was looking for. No shame.”


2. “Don’t go into first dates so open-ended. An hour should be enough time to get a sense of what the other person is like, and then you leave them wanting more. Assuming it goes well. If it doesn’t, you’ve only spent an hour together anyway. I would tell the date, yes, I’ve got 90 minutes on x day before a meeting happy to make the first pass.”


3. “I keep giving this advice but I used to make up some story that I told the person at the beginning of the date, for example, “hey can only stay one hour because I have to help my friend move. Her bf got sick”. Then, if the date turns out to be awesome, I can just say “yey! My friend just told me her roommate came home early so I’m off the hook”. Maybe not the most honest way, but I have been on so many bad dates and I just cramp up from it and could never just tell them hey not feeling it, bye.”

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4. “Go into the date with an exit time planned for when you think you’d want to have your exit. If you let them know upfront that you have to go, then you can opt to extend which indicates that you like them.”


5. “I always have to meet my parents for a late lunch/early dinner/late dinner, so yeah, I should get going. They live an hour’s drive away.”


6. “I’d probably just say something like “I’m sorry I just meant for this to be a quick meeting I have a project I’m working on” or “work early” or “I’m meeting a friend who is going through something” or well you get the idea.”


7. “I normally ask the time and we both fumble for our phones and then say I have to go. I don’t say what I’m doing or where I’m going just that “it’s been nice but looks like its time to head out.”


8. “If I’m on a first date, someone knows where I am and is scheduled to text me at a certain time. That is my chance to exit if things are going sideways.”


9. “Always have one drink (coffee, whatever) as a first date. I have it in my profile that’s what the first date with me is. That way if you don’t like them you can last the 20 mins it would take to drink. If you do like them then you can go away feeling warm and fuzzy and if he likes you back then you can plan the second, with food.” 


10. “If it’s an afternoon date: “I suppose I should stop putting off my normal Saturday chores and go get ’em done. It was nice meeting you!” If it’s an evening date: I should get going… 5 AM comes early. It was nice meeting you!”


11. “This happens to me often. I usually find that an hour or so is enough on a first date, but for some reason, men want to keep the date going for multiple hours, which drains my social battery. I’ve started thinking of polite excuses, like “I have plans with a friend later so I’ve got to get going” and that usually does the trick.”


12. “I would recommend giving it at least 30 minutes to an hour. I sometimes feel a little awkward so it can take me a while to feel comfortable and open up. If it still isn’t working, I’d prefer honesty. If it’s bad, you both probably want out. Just thank them and tell them you don’t think there’s romantic chemistry. As long as you’re honest and kind, the other person will appreciate it.”


13. “I am polite and wait until the date naturally ends, though I try and steer it that way. And I just say my goodbyes, and thank them for their time. And either then call or text that I don’t feel like going forward (with kindness and tact) and wish them luck.”


14. “I would be straightforward. Wait for the current conversation to end, then smile and thank her for her time. Followed by something like ” I don’t think we are gonna work”, then wish her luck.”

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