1. “DO post pictures that are flattering, but true to your real appearance. And pictures that show you doing stuff you like doing. Not just selfies on your couch. Do try to be original in your bio, but if nothing comes up just be true to yourself and about what you’re looking for. Do specify that you have kids if you do.

Whoever says online dating is easy has yet to explore the no-so-fun part of it. In the slew of finding connections and so many options to swipe, it’s hard to know what is genuine and what’s not. We decided to compile a list of dos and don’t’s of online dating to help you explore the matches that are worth your time and energy. 

DON’T post pictures with you and other people where you’re the least good-looking one. Don’t put on a list of requirements or mention things that you don’t want in someone. Don’t be negative about your bio. Don’t leave your bio empty.”


2. “DO meet in a public place. If you suggest meeting in a public place and they get upset or try to push you into meeting them in private immediately, then do NOT go on a date with them.”


3. “Make a good profile of course. I think try not to reveal too much but enough to give an idea about yourself. Not too long or brief and a few good pictures. Almost try to see it as a job resume. Now that I think of it, has anyone tried a profile with the format of a job resume? I think that’s gold.”


4. “If you decide to meet up with someone, tell friends where. If the location changes, tell someone to meet in public first. Maybe even share location with friends or family. If you are ever uncomfortable and want to leave, leave. Trust your gut essentially.” 


5. “Don’t act a certain way to just try to win someone over. It’ll come out eventually. Be your genuine self so that if and when you do find a connection it’s for who you really are.”


6. “Having accurate date pictures would be the bottom line. So many want to use filters or post pictures from years ago. Best pictures are those that others take, not selfies in a mirror, etc.”


7. “Don’t continue to date someone online if they refuse to get on camera and always come up with excuses. If you meet them in a very public area. Get to know them and ask a lot of questions.”


8. “Do realize you are talking to other real humans, no need to insult, threaten, belittle! Be polite, treat others the way you hope people treat your friends. Do break the ice with a quick video call before the meeting.”


9. “What helped me out is a cute little line I came up with myself; “A hopeless romantic trying to be less hopeless and more romantic” My profile was literally that plus “reasons to date me: funny meme. yes” and somehow I did well on Tinder, back when I still used it (met my GF of over a year and a half there so I didn’t need it anymore).”


10. “Please, don’t ghost. If you’re not interested in someone just be straight up, even through text. And then move on. And also, just be your genuine self, take pictures that show who you are, not who you want them to think you are. Good luck.”


11. “Coffee, walk, then if you’re still feeling it, grab a treat of some sort. Ending a good first date with something sweet is a beautiful metaphor.”


12. “Don’t give out your personal information before you meet in person. Do set up your first few dates at public locations. You need an easy escape if things go poorly. Do be honest (at least if you want a long-term relationship). Life is short, there’s no time for faking.”


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