Sometimes even the smallest gestures are enough to turn things up between a couple. A warm hug or a sweet text like ‘I wish you were here’ is enough to tell your partner how much you care for them.  

Men on Reddit are talking about the hottest thing a woman has said to them either in person or via text. And trust me, they are the most wholesome things you could say to your partner.

1. “It wasn’t directed at me but still really cool. I was visiting my long-distance girlfriend. We haven’t seen each other in a month so we had one thing on our mind. While we were running upstairs to her bedroom we passed her roommates’ bedroom. She asked us in passing if we wanted to go out for lunch and drinks. My GF responds in an upbeat and loud voice “Not now we are going have sex!”

Answer source- kenjiman1986

2. “I heard that I am beautiful without glasses.”

Answer Source- AncientBattleCat

3. “This Girl told me I was hot once, I wasn’t attracted to her, but sometimes don’t really care about what others think about me. I love it when Girls compliment me on my personality though.”

Answer Source- SneakerLover213

4. “I’m listening to erotica at work right now and I wish it was you fucking me instead.”

Answer Source- itsdrizzyoutside

5. “It’s a tie between the girl who said “be as rough as you want with me” and the girl who said, “dominate me.” Both in person, and I obliged both times.”

Answer Source-  level 1 Mr_Candlestick

6. “My girlfriend who I was gonna marry used to tell me she masturbates to pictures of my face. Probably the biggest confidence/ego boost I’ve received in my life considering I still remember it after all these years.”

Answer Source- dbz19

7. “After ten minutes of me telling her about my shitty day “wanna go upstairs and work it off on me?”. yeah, that did the trick.”

Answer Source- Threash78

8. “I had a girlfriend once who would politely and seductively ask me every morning if she could suck my dick.”

Answer Source- yourclitsbff

9. “We were fucking in a car and I stopped for a moment to look around. She asks what’s wrong. “Just making sure no one is coming” wraps her legs and arms around me and pulls herself up to my ear and whispers “Someone’s gonna cum tonight” Damn right.”

Answer Source- jellyjellyfished

10. “It was the last time I was seeing my college FWB until the following fall and as I was going down on her, she said, “If I could just take your tongue and dick home with me it would make my summer so much better.”

Answer Source- aces-and-jacks

11. “After 12 years together and 10 years of marriage my wife and I were laying in bed together watching something on TV with our kids busy in the other rooms and she says “fuck me”. My head turned around so fast with the biggest grin already saying “I haven’t heard that in years!” to see her reading a text on her phone from work and realizing what she really meant was “damn it!” We finished watching the TV show.”

Answer Source- abajasiesu

12. “Her warm breath into my ear was like pouring gasoline on embers. No words are needed. But there were some super kinky moments I’m not sure I’d like to present.”

Answer Source- DekkerDavez

13. “Fiancé said: “Wake me up every morning with a hard cock and I’ll make sure you go to work happy any time you want.”

Answer Source- ianwrecked802

14. “I generally find the simple ones like “cum for me” work quite well, or “my god your cock feels huge,” or stuff like “I haven’t stopped thinking all day about how good our sex was last night.”

Answer Source- thereidenator

15. “Posted a mirror selfie and she texted me “Don’t do this to me I’m fragile”. I’ll treasure that compliment forever.”

Answer Source- Bruh-bruhman

16. “You make me feel safe.”

Answer Source- FlamingTrollz

17. “I dreamt about us together last night. I woke up wet.”

Answer Source- driving_andflying

18. “My very first one-night stand I was chatting up a girl in a bar. At some point I asked her what she did for fun and all she said was ‘you’.”

Answer Source- NoMusician518

19. “Not the hottest thing, but probably the most meaningful and wholesome, my ex told me I will be an absolutely amazing father if I ever have kids.”

Answer Source- RyouTV

20. “But of all the sexy things she’s said, the hottest by far was one very important time she said ‘yes’.”

Answer Source- PerfectionPending

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