You know women aren’t the only ones who can mysteriously detect the major red flags when it comes to relationships, men do too. Perhaps you’re familiar with dating turn-offs for women; but, in this Reddit thread, guys share what turns them off, and it’s worth reading.

1. “Total passivity. Never taking the initiative or trying anything.” 

–  nglshmn

2. “Visible efforts to show me that they’re not going to make an effort for me.”

3. “Disinterest in my emotional state. Listen, I may not get emotional often, but when I have a moment, don’t blow it off like- you’re a dude, get over it.”

4. “Women who brag about what a bitch they are when they get mad.”

5. “Lack of compassion, being self centered.”

6. “I don’t expect to get the exact same enthusiasm back. But the difference in the ‘I want you’ energy I give vs. what I get back is huge. And it hurts.”

7. “Aversion to weirdness or uniqueness. If someone thinks it’s ‘weird’ to be super interested in something, I find that very off putting.”

– wordsno

8. “When I’m trying to spend time with her, whether we’re out or just spending some time together relaxing, and she spends the whole time looking at her phone. If we’re on a date and she pulls out her phone at the table to start scrolling, I’m done.”

9. “Projection and thinking that you can read my thoughts.
Ask questions, I’m happy to answer, but don’t assume you know what Im thinking or why I did something, especially if its based on your experience with a previous partner.”

10. “Playing dumb.”

– zello2115 

11. “Not leaving me alone and getting upset if I don’t reply within 90 seconds.”

12. “Stupidity and ignorance.

Smart chicks are hot.”

13. “Being judgy, just let people be who they are. It’s all good if we aren’t the same.”

14. “Doesn’t care about animals, treats them badly or sees them as just some object.”

15. “Lack of openness or being fake. If I am going to be in a situation where I am going to be turned on to start with I want some freaking intimacy damnit.”

Women, take notes.