Women, what men want in bed isn’t really a mystery if you have noticed him enough while the ‘session’ in bed gets heated up. Although the popular assumption goes like ‘women are pleasure seekers and men are pleasure givers’, it isn’t really so.

It’s 2021, the scenarios have switched (just like the positions), and we have men discussing the favourite things women do to them in bed that drive them insane. 

1. “I’m a sucker for some outercourse or having the back of my neck kissed.”

2. “Enthusiastic blowjobs.”

– oldbayhand 

3. “If she’s grabbing my hips and ass pushing me into her…Damn, instant orgasm for me.”

4. “My ex used to shallowly finger my asshole. MAMA OHHHHHHH.”

 – Anonymous 

5. “It isn’t quite what you meant, but one time my (ex)girlfriend and I were having sex during a thunderstorm and she had an orgasm at the exact moment of a massive window-rattling lightning strike. I felt like Thor.”

6. “I like it when the girl takes control once in a while. Tells me to do this to do that, to fuck her harder, pull her hair or fuck me this way in a aggressive controlling way.”

7. “I love when a girl tells me “I’m about to cum,” or “I’m cumming.” Just feels goddamn great to hear.”

8. “When she grabs my cock to put it in her, the look on her face when she does this is one of sheer and pure pleasure.”

9. “The moment right before she’s about to orgasm and holds/grabs on to you as if her life depended on you.”

10. ” I can’t get enough of her nails running through my back.”

11. “My girlfriend likes to high five me in her sex drunk stupor after the deed is done and tell me how awesome I am. It’s pretty sweet.”

12. “When she snuggles up to me after I fucked her brains out a few minutes earlier.”

13. “When we’re out at a bar or even just on the couch and she grabs my hand shoves it down her pants and gives me that ‘we’re going home/to bed right now and you’re going to make me cum’ look.”

14. “When her head goes back in a moan so fantastic it looks like she’s trying to crush the pillow with the back of her head.”

15. “During sex when she becomes completely different, primal almost, and she bites on my lower lip lightly but sort of hard too while she is riding on top of me.”

16. “Nothing compares to the feeling of your partner cuddling up closer to you, closing any spaces between your bodies, and realizing that there is no place that they would rather be than your shared bed, next to you.”

17. “When I push in just a little deeper and watch her eyes open wide in response.”

Women, take notes.