As fun and enjoyable as sex is, it’s almost like a delicate art-form too. Because, it requires you to tune into your own and your partner’s senses. It requires a level of sensitivity. I mean, you don’t want to have sex that’s only about your orgasm, do you? It’s about the pleasure of all or both parties involved. Which is why, this Reddit thread where men have shared tips for good sex with each other is kind of a treasure chest.

Here, take a look at what we’re talking about:

1. “Helping a woman finish is usually more about rhythm than force. If you struggle with rhythm, try putting on music with decent bass. If she starts breathing hard, twisting around, or especially says ‘I’m close,’ change nothing! Changing things at this point can be very effective, but it’s also complicated, and usually requires a good amount of communication. If you are looking for sex tips, start there: change nothing when she is close.”


2. “Use all, particularly the flat part of your tongue. Not just the tip. More pleasurable for her, less tiring for you. Also, lightly sucking works wonders.”


3. “If she gives you advice during, do not take it personally. It isn’t an attack on your abilities but a way to make it more enjoyable for both of you.”


4. “When she says ‘Just like that,’ that’s what she means.”


5. “Literally the only thing it takes to be decent in bed, in my experience, is to pay attention to how your partner responds to things. Keep trying different things until you find something that they clearly (you’ll know it when you see it) enjoy, then keep doing more of that. Thats genuinely all there is to it.”


6. “Don’t be quiet. Let her know you enjoy it. Compliment her on different parts of her body.”


7. “Nothing in this world hotter than a man who’s vocal during sex. Most women love this but rarely get it.”


8. “Have fun. Play. Laugh. Sex can be weird and funny, so just go with it. Be good, giving, and game to try new things, especially if your SO is interested in something.”


9. “Don’t just wash your d*ck and balls, wash your arse and gooch too, no one wants to go down on a guy and get a whiff of a swampy arse stank.”


10. “Porn isn’t real, don’t pull any of those moves without discussing it with your partner first.”

– Anonymous

11. “Care as much or more about your partner’s pleasure as your own, and be open to trying things you haven’t considered (as long as you’re moderately comfortable with the idea). It will be more enjoyable for everyone, and you’ll learn about one another much more quickly.”


12. “Not a lot of women can orgasm through penetration alone, no matter how long you go for, so stimulate the clitoris while you’re doing it. That is the easiest way to give a woman multiple orgasms.”


13. “Also figure out your woman’s body, find the ‘soft’ spots, there’s more pleasure spots than just boobs and p*ssy (the thighs are usually a safe bet).”


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