Online dating apps are a wild, wild place. You can meet all kinds of people there. To find someone you would want to go out with is nothing short of a trial and error method. Ransacking through multiple profiles, fake profiles, and reading bios is a scavenger hunt.

If you are a regular on dating apps, you would agree that a catchy bio holds more significance than pictures (if you are not, then this is a handy tip). More often than not, bios can reflect much more about the person than just mere pictures. We found a Reddit thread where Redditors discussed some of their biggest pet peeves on dating app bios and profiles. Read on to find more. 

1. “Don’t waste my time.” – SuvenPan

2. “This long laundry list of requirements in a partner with no mention of what they’re going to be bringing to the relationship.” – Astoriana_

3. If you don’t speak, I’ll unmatch; whilst they literally make zero effort to talk to anybody.” – Jarrrad

4. “An abundance of group photos. Showing you have friends is good, leaving people having to gamble on which person they’re swiping on isn’t. At best it’s an unfortunate oversight, at worst it hints towards insecurities.” – TheIrishninjas

5. “This isn’t the worst thing in the world but something I’m always bewildered by is some variation of ‘hi, I’m back again, hopefully this time it will work out!‘ This isn’t a conventional social media with followers.” – DeafeningMilk

6. “Banned from Tinder so now I’m here LOL.” – abcpdo

7. “Don’t be boring OR just ask” – RebornHellblade

8. ‘Just ask’ is the version of ‘I’m too lazy to say interesting things about myself’. That lets me know you’ll put zero effort into a relationship.” – chan_jkv

9. “When they announce how bad they are and how they get away with doing bad stuff, as if it’s meant to impress us.” – 11-06-2022

10. ‘I don’t even know why I’m here’. Bro, you made this account.” – superkads

11.‘Follow me on Instagram and message me there because I’m hardly on here.’ That screams I want more followers and don’t take dating seriously. If you were more serious, you’d be more active online.” – GeneralAardvark43

12. “Entertain me.” – 3rdEyeLungz

13. “Give me your best pick up line!” – 02K30C1

14. “I’m only here because my friends made me make an account.” – Erebus172

15. “Fluent in sarcasm.” – Fermatious

16. ‘Drama queen.’ How have you lived this long and not figured out that’s a BAD thing?” – Smiling_Mister_J

17. “Anything that starts with or contains the word ‘Alpha‘ (both male and female).” – candyheyn

18. “I’m in an open marriage, but my wife doesn’t know.” – mdm224

19. “When every picture on their profile is with filters. You do realize I’ll be meeting you unfiltered right?” – Shotgun516

20. ‘I need a guy who can handle me.’ Like they’re some type of caged animal.” – Drops_USMiC

21. ‘I want to find the Jim to my Pam’. Don’t get me wrong, I love The Office but…yuck. – PhotojournalistLast4

Which one of these are your pet peeves?