There’s something about receiving a well-thought-out romantic gesture that leaves you feeling a lot of emotions. All at once. Just the mere thought that someone pulled out all stops to make you smile can’t stop those butterflies in your stomach from fluttering nonstop. Recently actor Zeenat Aman shared a grand romantic gesture that she received and it’s too cute.

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In her Instagram post, Zeenat Aman wrote, “I found a sizeable ribboned box on my table. The card simply bore my name, with no clue as to the sender. My curiosity was piqued. I unlaced the bow and opened the box to find another smaller box within it, and then yet another and another and another, all nested like Russian dolls. The last box had some weight to it. I popped it open and in it lay a tennis ball like some oversized neon pearl. Stuck to it was a handwritten note – the ball’s in your court.”

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Zeenat Aman’s post received over 28K likes and it prompted people to share the grandest romantic gestures they have received. Trust us, their responses will make your heart swell. Read here.

1. “This one time I had returned from university, very tired and sleepy. I told my boyfriend who was leaving for his office how I wished to have some homely comfort food like steamed rice, dal and sauteed veggies. I slept off hungry, only to be woken up an hour later and handed a platter of everything I asked for and more. The assurance of love and comfort was heavenly. We didn’t make it together in life, but that one gesture will always remain with me.” – krishnokoli_d


2. “When I was in school, a new boy joined and almost immediately started to express his feelings for me. He gave me a card on my birthday that read, ‘Love you till Niagara Falls.’ I never dated him and regret it to this day. I wonder where he is now? I think I still have the card with me.” –


3. “When we were courting, my then partner and now husband, bought me the entire stock from a gajra seller, carried me over a puddle, and ensured we had the stars above to gaze on together.” – shravanidang

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4. “I think the grandest gesture was when my husband sent me 3 dozen red roses and 3 dozen white roses on my 30th, but it wasn’t all at once. The deliveries were staggered and they kept arriving at the work reception all through the day.” – mak3upandfood

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5. “My grand gesture would probably be when I was feeling quite lost and my partner noticed this on a phone call, despite being miles away. They flew the next day on the first flight and surprised me on my doorstep just to hug me and tell me that everything will be okay. It might not seem typically grand but, for me, the very idea that no matter the distance and their exhaustion they would come meant and still means the world to me.” – fragiletranquility


6. “I was in the hostel in my first year of college in Goa. There was this group of 3 guys who would come just below my room on the first floor across the road with their guitars and would sing Aashiqui songs looking up to the window. I didn’t know who they were but yes, they were tickling moment days. Since I did not reciprocate, they stopped putting in the effort after some time.” – interiordesignermadhu


7. “After our first year together, my girlfriend made a scrapbook of our photos, online content, and other mushy things. No one had ever expressed their care to that degree before. I actually cried.” – Obeisance8


8. “I had a girlfriend who took a normal pill bottle and had a bunch of fake small capsules. Carefully she pulled them apart and cut tiny pieces of paper and wrote adorable messages on each piece of paper. She put the paper in the capsule and back into the bottle. Like 25 ‘pills.'” – M4yham17


9. “The sweetest thing was that I had wanted a big gap year to travel and was taking the time off university to do so. It was a massive risk for me, and I had kind of pinned it as solely my thing. So hearing my boyfriend say he wanted to come so much he’d leave his adult job and take off three months to travel was the absolute sweetest. So I said ‘Thanks for following me around the world, it really means a lot’ to which he replied ‘Thanks for being worth following around the Earth.’ It melted my damn heart.” – Ifeelitinmywaters

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10. “I’ve always wanted to go out dancing but my SO just wasn’t into it. Then one night, as I was doing dishes, he came into the kitchen with a stupid grin on his face and humming a jazzy tune. Then he took me into his arms and we danced to his humming. It wasn’t the night on the town I’d envisioned, but it showed he was hearing me, he remembered that I’d mentioned it, then made a sweet gesture. It was so cute.” – jonesie1988

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11. “I came home one day and my ex had left little post-its everywhere for me to find. Stuff like ‘I love your hair’ on the bathroom mirror, ‘You’re as hot as my morning coffee’ on a teacup, and ‘I love watching movies with you’ on the remote. Not a grand gesture, but we were both in university and had no money, so it was adorable.” – rljada


12. “There was a guy I was interested in during college. We started liking each other but my parents were very anti-distractions at the time and a long-distance relationship would be hard. I told him that it was not worth the effort as it will just end badly. The next day I was working at a bakery when he walked in at 7 AM with a dozen roses and a card telling me I’m worth the effort and he will do his best to make sure it works out.” – crisps_and_mittens


What a romantic overload. These answers prove that some people will really put in all the thought and effort to go out of their way for someone whom they adore.

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