One of the most important parts of sex is something that occurs in the earlier stages of the interaction; Sexting! And to be honest, it’s not as easy as it looks. There are so many things you need to keep in mind so that it can be a pleasurable experience for everyone involved. So here, take a look at the different sexting etiquettes people have shared. Read on:

1. “Be respectful and stop asking women what they’re wearing. Bhai, do men think women constantly wear sexy clothes? 99% of the time I look like a hobo and I don’t want to answer that stupid question. Also, am I horny at 2 pm while I’m at work? No.”


2. “Double check the phone number, don’t use porn-like material. Things like ‘I want you to f*ck my tight p*ssy’ are generally huge turn-offs for most dudes. Keep it real and describe actual sexual scenarios. Make them feel wanted and their body appreciated.”


3. “Be respectful for your as well as the other person’s sake. While in the infant stages of the conversation, discern whether the person wants to only sext with you, or are they also looking for some conversation. Not everyone wants to tell you what they are wearing on the 3rd message itself.”


4. “Don’t start by just sending a nude. Be articulate and take the time to understand what the other person is into.”


5. “Remembering the golden rule: ‘We both are in it to get off, not either, but both.'”


6. “Details, details, details. Can’t this emphasise enough. Remember, it’s an erotica you are co-writing and have good grammar, please.”


7. “My rule is I NEVER show her my d*ck until she asks to see it.”


8. “Don’t shut someone’s fantasy down, reroute it if you don’t like it, and discuss it afterwards.”


9. “Articulate your texts. Make them literate, no typos. They provide a moment where her mind is not thinking about fucking you. Build up to it, use excruciating, painstaking, seemingly redundant, detail.”


10. “Always ask for consent before proceeding with anything.”

– Snigdha Oreya

11. “Please don’t take screenshots or save any pictures without asking.”

– Manya Ailawadi

12. “Be tastefully descriptive.”

– Manya Ailawadi

Hope these help!