There’s so much chatter about sex that it almost makes us wonder if it’s the best thing ever to happen to us.

But before you run off in that direction, let me tell you, that’s not the case at all because there are so many things way better than sex. 

And, to prove myself right, I actually found a Reddit thread where people reveal things they think is better than sex. 

1. “Having a day off and waking up naturally.” – Nicholi417 

2. “When you fart and your stomach stops aching.” – dklwjii 

3. “Managing to get all of the snot out of your nose and being completely block free.” – dishyboii

4. “When water is stuck in your ear after swimming and it finally comes out.” – Skeets5977 

5. “The ENT says I have an excessive amount of ear wax, and (the ENT) sticks in a pair of ear-tweezers, and just pull out a huge wad of ear-wax.” – czPsweIxbYk4U9N36TSE 

6. “Financial stability and independence.” – Swagaru

7. “Waking up with absolutely nothing to do for the day.” – tensecat

8. “When an animal chooses YOU.” – redflagsmoothie 

9. “Taking off your bra after a 12 hour workday.” – Desert-Child

10. “For me? Pee shivers. They’re elusive. The conditions have to be just right. If I held it too long, it won’t happen. But when it happens like a little jolt of electricity, oh yeah.” – iusedtobeyourwife

11. “Investment returns.” – stickyWithWhiskey

12. “Both sides of the pillow being cold.” – clockwork_skullies 

13. “When you’re jamming with friends and you’re in sync. Something about being on beat with a group of people you enjoy is awesome!” – spacetoast008

14. “A relationship where you love and genuinely care for each other.” – city-eremite

15. “A hot shower.” – viktored 

16. “Crossing items off of your to-do list.” – noguarde 

17. “When you shit and don’t have to wipe.” – 

18. “Getting into a bed with clean sheets, right after a warm shower during the winter.” – dinahsaur523 

Well, what do you find better than sex?