You probably have the latest smartphone, which can store thousands of pictures. However, if you are an old school romantic at heart, just like I am, then you know that there’s something different about keeping a picture of your loved ones in your wallet. People reveal the reasons why and whose pictures they carry in their wallets and honestly, these heartwarming answers would melt your heart away.

Are you ready? Let’s check what people had to say!

1. “I have a picture of my dad in my wallet. He has now passed away and it’s always nice to see him whenever I open my wallet.”

2. “I have a photo of my mom with my niece. She loved my best friend’s kids so much and passed away before I could have any. Seeing her smiling while holding the kids just makes me happy.”

3. “I have been dating this girl for about two and a half years. Whenever I face difficulties in my life, I take it out and look at her picture. And it comforts me knowing that if I can survive being in a relationship with her, I can do anything.”

4. “I keep a picture of my girlfriend and my parents’ wedding day. I keep my girlfriend’s picture in there because it makes me feel old fashioned. I had her pictures in there during my high school, so I keep it going as an adult. My parents got married in front of a judge, with no money. They just had a car, a shitty apartment, dead-end jobs and me. My dad’s family hated my mom (at that time). Their picture reminds me that if they could get through things then, then I can now too.”

5. “A picture of my parents when they were young.”

6. “I have a photo of my fiancé and one of my best friends from a convention. I keep it there because of the simple reason: it makes me happy. Since my wallet is something I use often, it does remind me that things are okay and it helps me a lot.”

7. “I keep photos of my family from one of our trips we took about 10 years ago. My dad passed away 5 years ago.”

– NTDinh

8. “I have a picture of me and my friend from when we were kids. It’s a cute picture.”

– -Mannequin

9. “I keep the pictures in my wallet for sentimental value. It’s nice to see faces of people I’ll never see again, well, rather, bittersweet is a better term.”

10. “I keep my grandpa’s driver’s license in my wallet because I really miss him.”

– DuckMom

11. “I have pictures of my family in my wallet. I keep it there because I come from a time when everyone kept pictures of their loved ones in their wallets. Now we have cell phones for that. So, I guess it’s just the nostalgia that keeps me doing it.”

– ZapatillaLoca  

12. “I keep a picture of my dog in my wallet because he was poisoned. I keep the picture of my dog in my wallet to remind myself of how dark the world can be.”

– BigD36x

13. “I have pictures of my niece and nephew in my wallet because I just figured you are supposed to do that with the family that you love.”

14. “I keep a picture of me and my girlfriend in my wallet.”

15. “I keep the pictures of my first dog so that she’ll always be with me.”

16. “I keep a picture of my dad from before I was born in my wallet. My grandmother had one extra copy of it, so I got one.”

As they rightly say, you don’t take a photograph, you make it.