From really informative to utterly traumatising, the Internet is a space that would serve you with a range of information. You never can guess what you stumble upon while randomly browsing through the internet.

Just like we found a Reddit thread discussing this new trend called peegasm. Apparently, women are experiencing “mini orgasms from peeing after holding it in”. 

New York Post

We’ve all been there. You know in those uncomfortable moments when you need to use the restroom and none are around, so you are forced to hold it in. 

Especially women come across these situations, when in public places, where you’re busting for a pee. And finally when you get a chance to pee, there’s a sense of relief that feels soooo good.  

Now, it has come to light that women are purposefully holding their bladders longer to feel an orgasmic sensation — peegasm or pee-shivers. 


Recently, a reddit user shared that his girlfriend delays urination in order to have peegasm. And what she experiences, is for her, equivalent to a full-body orgasmic feeling.


In no time, dozens of other users joined in to agree that they have felt it too. In fact, we found that some women refer to it as pee-shivers. 


As per Healthline, it’s common for women to experience this kind of pleasure due to the structure of their anatomy. 

When you have downward pressure from the bladder on the shaft of the clitoris and there’s a sudden release of this pressure, it can cause those nerves to fire off. These nerves firing off is what gives these women that tingly orgasmic feeling.

-Patricia Geraghty, nurse practitioner


However, experts suggest that this practice may lead to urinary tract infections or kidney problems. 

Looks like, in the long run, the pleasure may not be worth the danger it comes with.