There’s no doubt that the bond shared between parents and their children is something warm and unique. While every parent loves and cares about their kid, desi parents are believed to be a little more overprotective and dominating, which ultimately results in children being frustrated.

In a thread, people reveal the things they wish their parents understood and trust us, you will relate to most of these responses. Let’s check out what people had to say!

1. “Denying the sex talks till our marriage doesn’t mean our ears turn deaf or our eyes go blind. We’ve seen some crazy stuff. Also, your teenage kids aren’t innocent balls of marshmallows anymore. They already know things which you probably learnt after you hit 30 something.”

–  Abhishek Tr

2. “Don’t compare your child with other people’s children when we are not comparing you with other parents.”


3. “I wish parents, as well as society, understood that dating or love marriages aren’t a disgrace to the family. Girls and boys chatting can be just friends too.”

– Teenager Diary

4. “You don’t have to pamper and spoonfeed your kids till they find a job or settle somewhere, because that usually turns them lethargic zombies and absolutely nothing else. Let them do the so-called menial jobs or hone their skills to take up work early in life so that they learn the value of money right from teenhood. Also, our education system is a machine which produces more money-making machines for the next generation. Don’t judge your kids by their academic performance and push them onto the highway you want them to drive on. Instead, find his/her strength and give him/her the right direction to turn it into a career. You’ll see what being exceptional actually means.”

– Abhishek Tr

5. “We most definitely care for you, more than you think. We’re quiet because we’re having self-conflicts. Stop caring about society, they are not paying our bills. You can share your problems with us, we’re way more mature than you think. We don’t want to get married by twenty-five. So, stop matching our kundalis.”

– Esha Raj

6. “Parents need to understand that if the child locks their room, it doesn’t mean that they are indulging in any sort of wrong activities. It’s just that they want some privacy or time alone. Everyone deserves to have privacy and their personal space.”

– Heli

7. “Just because your uncle’s son/daughter earns more than your son, it doesn’t mean he/she is more intelligent. Falling in love with a girl/boy from a different caste is not a sin.”

– Goωthαm MS ·

8. “Not every kid wishes to be an engineer/doctor/IAS/IPS/judge. Some are interested in other streams too. Never taunt us about what you wished to become and what you wanted us to become because it feels dissapointing and depressing not to fulfil your desires. Do praise us when we get good marks or get a medal, even if it is a usual thing.”

– BunkMasters

9. “Do not, I repeat, do not nod your head to everything your child asks/wishes for. If the child grows up thinking that it’s entitled to get everything in life and always falls for instant gratification, it’ll grow up into one sad specimen. Life doesn’t work that way. Teach your kid.”

– Abhishek Tr

10. “If your kid is using his/her phone, it does not necessarily mean that they are chatting with their boyfriend/ girlfriend or watching porn or doing anything wrong. Most of the things work through the internet today- may it be education, entertainment or communication.”

– Heli

11. “Don’t bully your children to stop pursuing sports or other co-curricular activities that they are really interested in. Encourage them to balance both. Really, sports may get them a better future and a better college than scoring 80% in the board exams.”

– Mohit Sharma

12. “Please do not feel bad or disappointed if we speak to you in a louder tone. It is just that we might be angry just the way you are, sometimes.”

– Ishmita Aggarwal

There’s no one else like desi parents, is there?