We, desis, have stolen the groom’s shoes or have shown off our bargaining skills during the ribbon-cutting ceremony at different weddings. It may sound pretty normal to us but is quite weird for other communities. Similarly, there are a number of wedding traditions that are followed across the globe that are pretty weird but interesting.

And today, we have decided to list down some of the most fascinating ones for you. Ready? Read on.


1. Sweden

During a wedding ceremony, if a groom leaves the room, all men stand up to kiss the bride and if a bride excuses herself to the bathroom, then all the women line up to kiss the groom.  

2. France

Following the wedding reception, guests gather leftover food and drinks and place them into a chamber pot. Then, it is presented to the newlyweds to eat and drink. Supposedly, this concoction gives them energy for their wedding night. 

3. Malaysia & Indonesia

According to their tradition, the bride and groom must not leave their home or use the bathroom for three entire days after their wedding ceremony. In fact, they are kept under strict surveillance and are allowed only a small portion of food and drink. Apparently, if the ritual is not followed, it brings bad luck often resulting in infidelity, the breakup of their marriage or the death of their children.

4. Armenia

According to their custom, when the bride and groom enter their wedding reception, they break a plate for good luck. Then are given lavash (a thin flatbread) and honey by the groom’s mother and they have to balance the bread on their shoulders to ward off evil and eat spoonfuls of honey to symbolize happiness.

5. Congo

During their entire wedding day, from different ceremonies to reception, the groom and bride are not allowed to smile. No, we are not kidding. If they do smile, it supposedly means that they aren’t serious about their wedding.

6. Greece

On the wedding day, the groom’s best man becomes his barber and shaves the groom’s face. After the groom is freshly shaved, his would-be mother-in-law feeds him honey and almonds.

7. The Czech Republic

Before the groom and bride get hitched, an infant is placed on their bed to bless and improve their fertility. After they have tied a knot, guests shower the couple with rice, peas and lentils, which also promote fertility.

8. Turkey

Apparently, the friends of the groom plant their national flag, which features a white crescent and star on the red background, on the ground at his own house on his wedding day. After that, several things like fruits, vegetables and mirrors are placed on top of the flag, signifying that the ceremonies have begun.

9. Germany

In this intriguing tradition, the bride and groom clean up piles of porcelain dishes, which their guests throw on the ground to ward off any evil spirits. This tradition is to prove that the partners can face any challenge while working together.

10. Niger

Following the wedding reception, an actual camel performs a dance by grooving onto a rhythmic drumbeat, in the presence of several wedding guests.

11. Italy

At some weddings, the groom’s friends take scissors and chop his tie up. Then, they sell the pieces of his chopped-up tie to their guests for raising money for the newlyweds. It is often believed that if it raises a lot of money, then the couple will live a prosperous and satisfying life.

12. South Korea

As part of the wedding ceremony, the groom’s family and friends hold him down, tie a rope around his ankles and beat the soles of his feet with a stick or dried fish. In between the fascinating tradition, he’s also asked a number of trivia questions, in order to help strengthen his memory as well as his feet.

Which of these wedding traditions is the most fascinating for you?