Whether it’s their living standards, or their food habits, living with a man can be a huge change for a woman. On this Reddit threadwomen reveal things they learned about men after living with them.

1. That they really do not care about decorations, knick-knacks, photos etc. The walls and shelves could be completely bare and it really would not bother them. Or you could pack the walls and shelves and surfaces with anything you damn well please and they still would not care.

– MiniMissJess

2. Even if everything is carefully put away in the most logical places possible and you leave a careful set of written instructions, you will still get a confused phone call because he can’t find the sieve (it’s where it always is), or can’t remember the code for the fire alarm (it’s in the folder with all the important codes and information, under “Fire Alarm”), or doesn’t know how to switch off the Christmas lights (I gave a full demonstration of that one). I think to some blokes, most of the house is just a complex maze of things they don’t understand. 

– Anonymous

3. That men seem to touch their genitals way more than women. Half the time I look over at my husband and his hand is resting on his crotch.

– Ms-Anthrop 

4. Men will fart right in your face. They don’t care, they let the farts fly while most women I know will try to conceal it or go to the bathroom.

– Beckels84

5. They genuinely do not notice piss dribble on the toilet seat. It’s a lost cause.

– abortyoself

6. Men are a LOT stronger than women. Growing up in my feminist bubble I honestly thought that the strength difference between men and women was entirely explained by height and mass, and really not that different. And if a woman really worked out at the gym a lot and happened to be tall she could easily be just as strong as a man. That’s really really not true, and I was about 25 when I realized it.

– Overthemoon64

7. Mine washes his work clothing & regular clothing together. Really gross, as he’s a manual labour dude and covered in sweat, grease and god knows what else.

– sn0wgh0ul13

8. How lazy and entitled some of them are.

I had more than a few blow-ups with my male roommates over the fact that they seemed to expect me to keep the house clean, even though they were the ones trashing the house.

– haelesor

9. So. Much. Pooping. (Alternatively, so much sitting in the bathroom for 45 minutes watching YouTube videos)

– payshence

10. That given the chance they can go for days without showering and that they can wreck a bathroom quicker than you’d expect.

– keepcalmandhydrate

11. I seriously envy how infrequently he needs to pee.

– _fialovy_

12. They seriously don’t seem to care about bathroom cleanliness. Even when drainage in the shower is so poor as the sink trap is clogged with hair, as long as the water isn’t rising to knee level, all is good. Also, that shower gel apparently doubles as shampoo, and if that runs out, dishwasher liquid is an acceptable substitute for both.

–  june606

13. That he can sit in front of the computer/video games from morning until it’s dark out without once getting up to pee, make food or turn on the lights.

– savepiggy

14. They have different “rules” about things. A shirt is not dirty unless it’s smelly, wet, or has fresh stains on it. They’ll wear it again before choosing to wash it. Making the bed every morning is not required, it’s a waste of time. It’s a lot of practicality and efficiency vs making things look nice and “wasting” time.

– AbbyTheWondercunt

15. If all of your socks are the same colour and the same style, you don’t have to mate them. You can just stick them in a drawer and pull out two random socks without even looking at what you’re grabbing.

– jhn107

How many of these have you experienced? Let us know in the comments.