Thanks to the lack of sex education, there are a lot of things we don’t know about the other gender till very much later when we start spending more time with them. Not generalising, but here are some things women shared they didn’t know about men till they got with one.

1. Morning wood. Had absolutely no idea that shit just pops up every night till I started dating my first boyfriend.

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2. NRBs (no reason boners). Like, it just happens? For no reason?? Wild.

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3. That when they need to go to the store they just go straight to that item and then pay and leave. It’s something I need to learn, lol.

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4. That whole thing about the way to their heart being their stomach? Accurate. I once hooked up with a guy I met on Tinder, and made him breakfast the next morning. He said no woman had ever cooked for him before, looked teary, and now we’re married.

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5. They keep a significant amount of thoughts to themselves.

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6. How rarely do they get complimented. I told my guy that I loved his shirt and he didn’t even know what to say. He told me he couldn’t remember the last time someone complimented him so I’ve started looking for little, random things to compliment him on.

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7. That the ballsack physically moves around and you can see when it gets looser or tightens. It’s super fascinating to look at, you can also feel it. And the man can’t control it.

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8. My ex-wife was shocked at how short a phone conversation can be for dudes.

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9. How different a penis can look soft vs erect. And how much it can shrink in the cold.

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10. That balls don’t typically hang at the same level – one is a little lower than the other. All those dick doodles have lied to me!

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11. Most of them are way into cuddling and having their heads rubbed.

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12. How much trauma do they tend to accept as simple facts of life? Definitely made me more invested in my brothers. If my husband has experienced x,y, and z and has thought nothing should be done or even said about it, how many experiences like that have the other men in my life had?

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13. They can make their penis move up and down (when it’s erected) without touching it.

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14. That they can literally beat the life out of, and slap around, their “dong” but one tap of the balls and they’re on the ground.

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15. I genuinely thought men held their penis when they peed because otherwise, it would fly all around with the force of urine going through it.

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16. How much some love to hold hands or be physical with hugs and such. Grew up in a bad environment and many of the male figures in my life were always cold or distant or flat-out abusive. Trying to figure out a way to handle it as my body/nervous system isn’t used to that at all.

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17. Doesn’t get cold easily
Can be quite hard to open up
Loves cuddles too
Wants to be babied and taken care of too
Can be quiet without thinking about anything


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18. When they ask you to leave them alone, they absolutely mean it. They don’t mean, “leave me alone for five minutes and then start trying to comfort me or over-analyze the situation or get me to talk it out.”
I had to learn that the hard way.


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19. How itchy their balls can be sometimes. And being quiet doesn’t mean they’re mad or thinking about someone else, they’re just vibing.

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20. How freakishly strong they are! My husband was a normal-looking dude, didn’t go to the gym, but he literally lifted a treadmill into the back of an SUV by himself 😳

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21. If there is a poop stain in the toilet, they will try to aim their pee to hit it.

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22. They LOVE compliments and will hold onto them for years.

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23. Something in them always (or at least usually) keeps the sense of humour of a little boy. It’s kind of endearing.

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24. They like to be the little spoon.

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25. My Friend said she was amazed at how men can make anything fun and a collaborative project. Throwing rocks in the lake? how far can you throw? how many skips? biggest splash?
Or digging a hole at the beach. Every man will join in and make a hole halfway to China.


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