You assume that you’ve perfected the art of living home-alone until you don’t. There are trivial things that need to be paid heed to but they don’t even rank in your priority list unless you start living with a woman. 

Leaving a wet towel on your bed post-shower might be an everyday practice for you, but for a woman it’s an underrated crime. Be ware, you can’t get away with this one. Apart from this, men on Reddit talk about 12 things they didn’t realise until they started living with a woman.

1. “Apparently showering and washing your hair are separate events.”

– loercase 

2. “It is home with her, it is just an apartment without her.

It is fun as hell.”

3. “The color of their shoes will match their earrings and their purse, and if you look carefully, will pick up the highlights of the design of their top. And that’s not an accident.”

4. “Women are both simultaneously messier and cleaner than men. It’s bizarre how messy rooms can get with them and how quickly they can turn it around and make it clean!”

– ciregno

5. “Hair ties actually disappear faster than MIA socks. Until you find 20 in a kitchen drawer.”

6. “When you’re done showering, you’re supposed to stay on the bath mat while you dry off, not walk around the apartment.”

7. “I learned that the bathroom can smell like soap and flowers and coconut instead of pee.”

8. “Apparently, cleaning the toilet on the regular is much, much more important than I’d previously thought.”

9. “I always thought that pads operated like band aids and they’d just slap ’em over their vaginas and absorb everything. It wasn’t until I was… 27? When my girlfriend at the time had some as a backup in case she ran out of tampons and I opened it and looked. The adhesive was on the wrong side for my version of how they worked, and it dawned on me that they’re supposed to be stuck to their panties, not their vaginas. I only regret telling her of that revelation, because she laughed until she cried and then called her mom to tell her about it.”

10. “No matter how much you vacuum or sweep the floor, there will ALWAYS be hair on the floor.”

– redX009

11. “It’s not ok to leave the oven on all the time so it’s always pre-heated.”

12. “When the garbage can stinks, you must take it outside even if it isn’t full.”

– afume

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