By now we know that most information that people have about sex and sexual health is self-achieved. The resources, however, are mostly concerning. Porn and random sites cannot always be trusted – and the lack of basic knowledge can definitely make things weird, especially during “the act”. Imagine getting a biology lesson while having sex. Doesn’t sound so sexy, right?

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That’s how misinformation and myths ruin the experience. Like these stories of Redditors, who had to correct their partners about weird sexual myths.

1. “My bf thought he was uncircumcised. I had to show him pictures of dicks on the internet to prove to him that he was indeed circumcised.”


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2. “Had to inform my ex that girls did not pee out of their vagina.”


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3. “I knew a sexually active but sheltered girl who, at 18, thought the girl had to orgasm to get pregnant. Yes, she had been having unprotected sex.”


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4. “My current boyfriend thought that AIDS could just spontaneously develop from unprotected anal. I had to explain it to him that one of the involved parties needs to be infected. He’s still not convinced.”


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5. “He thought that women could not actually have sex on their periods. Not that they may not want to or whatever, that the vagina somehow sealed off and penetration was impossible.”


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6. You should not use your teeth during a blowjob.”


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7. “This wasn’t coming from a partner, but so many guys still think that lots of sex will make a woman’s vagina “looser.” That’s not how it works down there, people.”


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8. “Never had a partner, but a friend once told me that his wife thought a blow job was actually blowing on the penis like a flute.”


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9. “He thought a camel toe happened when a girl was turned on, like we have some kind of weird vuvla erection.”


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10. “This isn’t really sexual, but my ex asked me how I pee with a tampon in. He thought it all went up the same hole.”


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11. “My ex thought girls didn’t have to wash their genitals.”


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12. “I had an ex who believed a dick could grow back if cut off, like a starfish arm.”

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