In light of the recent events that have transpired in Delhi metro trains, the Delhi police has decided to send out DMRC and CISF officials to patrol train coaches. The widespread controversy around a passenger wearing ‘objectionable’ clothes on the train, then a recent, collectively traumatizing incident of a passenger masturbating on board a metro coach, it seems like the authorities think there’s a lot to sort out.

Delhi, Metro

So now, the Delhi Police has come up with a plan to curb such issues. They’ve planned to deploy about a 100 cops to patrol the metro coaches. And FYI, they’ll all be ‘undercover,’ meaning they’ll not be donning their uniforms. A senior police officer has stated that the action has been taken because of the recent cases of “public obscenity”. And even women constables in civilian clothes will be patrolling the women’s coaches.

According to a DMRC official, they’ll be able to prosecute offenders on the spot and issue them a penalty of ₹200 under Section 59 of The Delhi Metro Railway (Operation and Maintenance) Act, 2002. And if the situation is far more serious, then a case under IPC sections pertaining to obscenity can also be lodged.