The problem with our society is, that everyone has an opinion on everything. So, people don’t know when to stop. Of course, when this behaviour is intertwined with casual sexism, things get brutal. And hardly a day goes by when that doesn’t happen on the internet. Now, a man is ‘offended’ by how women dress and sit in the Delhi Metro, and so he decided to post their video without consent.

Source: iPleaders

A Twitter user, Cataleya, shared another tweet, where a man legit posted a woman’s video as she sat across his seat in the metro. He wrote that it crossed “heights of nudity”, because she chose to wear something she liked or found comfortable. According to him, if this is an example of independent women, then it’s just nonsense.

This man literally clicked and posted a video without consent, and now he’s lecturing the world on ethics. Why men think that they have the right to tell women what to do, or wear, is beyond me. This particular man, however, went on to tag DMRC and Delhi Police, because well, it’s clearly an offense.

The internet is confused and pissed.

The world could be crumbling and people would still be concerned about how covered or uncovered a woman is.