Harbhajan Singh always manages to find himself in some soup. Lately, he is receiving flak on social media once again, and it is for his reply to a tweet. A fan tweet, to be precise.

Harbhajan Singh

A fan of Mahendra Singh Dhoni took to Twitter and heaped praises for his favourite cricketer. The fan talked about how a young Dhoni took on Pakistan and won the T20 World Cup just 48 days after becoming the captain. That was a feat because Dhoni was young back then and the team lacked senior players.

Take a look at the tweet here.

While the tweet was harmless, Harbhajan Singh took to his Twitter and tweeted how the win was not solely by Dhoni’s effort. As a team sport, the win happened because of the team’s efforts and not because of just one person’s work.

Take a look at Bhajji’s tweet here.

Now, this was a tweet by an MS Dhoni fan who wanted to celebrate their idol’s achievements. People often tend to write this way for their favourite, it doesn’t mean they don’t think the whole team deserved the credit. Besides, Dhoni does deserve special credit for bagging, accepting the captaincy and then leading the way he did. Anyway, following this, people got really charged up, and here’s what some of them had to say.

The tweet wasn’t by Dhoni praising himself. It was a simple fan tweet and you can find multiple versions of it on social media every day. There is no doubt that all 11 players deserve equal praise for a win. Hell, the staff and the coach do, as well. However, one cannot deny the captain has to take decisions on the field and Dhoni stood out with his.

Well, this is not going to die out any time soon is it?

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