A true desi knows and adores cricket. But, not only do we take pride in following the sport but also in having crushes on the cricketers. 
One such sportsperson is Rahul Dravid. He’s known for being super cool-headed and a total gentleman. And with good reason, just take a look at this video where the cricket star is refusing to say a word that he thought would be inappropriate at a press conference.


Recently Asli BCCI Women uploaded a video of Dravid talking about India’s and Pakistan’s bowling attack. In it, he seems to struggling to find a more respectful word to describe Pakistan’s bowling, and ultimately drops a hint by saying it’s a “Four letter word, starts with S.” How cute is this? 

I am very confident that we have a very good bowling attack as well, you know? That produces results. Might not be as…I wanted to use a word, but I can’t use that word.

-Rahul Dravid

You can watch the clip here and see for yourselves. 

And of course people had a lot of interesting things to say about the cricketer’s sweet reaction. Many people speculated multiple other words they thought he was trying to say as well. 

Clearly, it was very thoughtful of him to think twice before saying the word! Just goes to show what a gentle soul he is!