John Cena's Instagram account can be best (and most politely) described as random. The dude has his own thing going on.

Now, this is fine by us, who are we to ask why he posts like an 8-year-old who gets access to their phone once a week so they post whatever picture they find on the internet?

What we do want to ask is, why he is obsessed with Indian cricketers? Recently, he put up a picture of Dhoni. I have to give it to him, this was kind of smart since MS seems to be shaking hands with an invisible human.

But other than this, things don't really add up. Here's a picture of Kohli, uploaded for no apparent reason.

And then, there is Rahul Dravid.

And Kapil.

Apparently, John Cena is a fan of these guys. Great, so say it then! What are we supposed to make of these pictures sandwiched between photos of a lamb and a snadwich?

John Cena does what John Cena wants I guess.