With every passing day, we see Artificial intelligence (AI) slowly taking over our lives bit by bit. ChatGPT has become a hot topic, especially when we speculate how it points to a future heavily impacted by AI technology. We’re seeing AI artists imagining millionaires as poor people or how famous historic personalities would look if they were to take selfies today.

Naturally, our conversations and interests are evolving in parallel to such rapid technological progress. Now, a man has made a poetic AI clock which uses ChatGPT to tell the time with a two-liner rhyme for every minute of the day. Take a look.

Designer and blogger Matt Webb created the clock as a DIY project made from a Raspberry Pi and E Ink Screen, according to a report by Verge

Apparently, earlier, he had set up an ordinary text clock powered by an old Inky wHAT screen and a Raspberry Pi. Meanwhile, he had also been experimenting with OpenAI’s language models. So, one day, he got the idea to link the two.

There’s a single prompt to ChatGPT, and the clock uses OpenAI’s API. The time is a parameter to the prompt. The prompt instructs the AI to respond with two rhyming lines, and encourages it to be imaginative and profound,” he told Verge.

Given it’s the cheapest option, the clock uses ChatGPT to develop new rhymes throughout the day. However, Webb says he’d prefer GPT-3, but it’s not worth 10x the cost for a clock in his bookshelves.

Additionally, he explained the ChatGPT prompt details the setup of the room and where the AI clock is located. Hence, it is able to generate a two-liner poem mentioning its physical location in the room. It’s like the clock can sense where it’s placed.

For example:

Matt Webb ChatGPT AI clock
Twitter – Matt Webb (@genmon)

Naturally, Twitter is excited to see the genious idea. There are so many people who’re ready to buy a clock like this.


And who wouldn’t love that?

While the innovative clock has largely received an enthusiastic response, Webb noted there are moments when the clock tells the incorrect time only to work out the rhyme. However, it’s nothing that can’t be fixed.

Webb has plans to make the clock commercial and he’s currently exploring his options.

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