We spend most of our time wondering. And these days, AI is generating almost everything we’ve wasted our time imagining. Which is, well, very cool. But it’s also weird, because if someone would have told us that we could generate pictures, accurate ones at that, then we would’ve probably dismissed it. Or someone would’ve used it as a plot for a sci-fi movie.

Now, a Twitter user, Madhav Kohli used AI to generate pictures of historical Indian rulers. Ancient texts and paintings describe and show these rulers in certain ways. So, we’ve always had different ideas of what they look like. However, Madhav shared pictures that look lifelike. They are pictures of powerful rulers like Chandragupta Maurya, Bindusara, Ashoka, Ranjit Singh, Muhammad Ghori and Firuz Shah Tughlaq.

Here are the photos:

Twitter has a lot to say.


Correct or not, these pictures do look grand.