If we put our mind to it, we mostly make things happen. All it takes is some jugaad. One such story is of Guddu Sharma, a mechanic and artist from Bagaha in Bihar who turned his Tata Nano into a helicopter. Yes, you read that right. This project cost him over ₹2 Lakh and his idea is to rent the helicopter to newly-wed couples. 

Dainik Bhaskar

According to him, couples wish to rent helicopters on wedding days but not all of them can afford it. His helicopter is something that they can afford – the rent is ₹15,000. The vehicle has already been rented out to 19 people. He also said that he’s not the first person to do so. 

India Times

Guddu Sharma used sensors in the car to give it the desired features of the helicopter. He shared that he wanted to offer the experience of a helicopter to more people and hence decided to create one himself. He mentioned that converting the car into a helicopter costs somewhere around one and a half lakh rupees and giving it a hi-tech appearance costs more than two lakh rupees. 

In the era of Digital India, this invention is a living example of self-reliant India.

-Guddu Sharma to Dainik Bhaskar

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