You might consider a license plate just a simple stamped piece of metal but to the connoisseurs, a number plate is a way to showcase their prestige and wealth. Today, we are presenting to you some of the most expensive license plates in the world, most of which are more expensive than the cars we own. 

1. MM – USA | $24.3 Million

California’s MM plate is not just the most expensive number plate in California or the USA but the most expensive number plate in the world. The rarity of two-character plates, especially the same letter, is what makes it so expensive. In fact, there are only 35 such plates. 

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What’s more? This MM plate is also dished up with an NFT, bringing its value to $24.3 Million. That’s like ₹185 crores!

2. F1 – England | $20 Million

The F1 plate is currently gracing a Bugatti Veyron owned by Afzal Kahn, an automotive designer and entrepreneur. Kahn purchased this plate back in 2008 from the Essex County Council for $619,771. As of March 2022, the F1 plate is up for sale for $20 Million – that’s around ₹152 crores!

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3. New York – USA | $20 Million

Surprise! Surprise! The most expensive license plate in New York is, you guessed it, the plate with the designation New York. Back in the 1970s, a family got the only street-legal “New York” plate in existence. This license plate is up for around $20 Million, but you also get the decades-old Volvo that is currently carrying the plate.

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4. D5 – Dubai | $9.6 Million

Dubai based property developer Balvinder Sahni owns eight Rolls Royce cars. In October 2016, he bought the D5 plate for one of his Rolls Royces for $9.6 Million. The reason behind buying getting the D5 plate is that D is the 4th letter of the English alphabet, so, 4+5 = 9, which is another license plate Sahni owns. 


5. 1 – Abu Dhabi | $9.5 Million

Who doesn’t want to be number 1? Back in 2008, property mogul Saeed Abdul Ghaffar Khouri paid $9.5 million for plate No. 1 at an auction. When asked why, he said, “I bought it because it’s the best number.”


6. 09 – Dubai | $5.7 Million

Plate 09 was sold in Dubai on July 7th 2015 for $5.7 million. There’s not much information available for this plate. Since there are different categories in the UAE, the same number can be issued more than once. The 09 plate is different from the 9-plate, which was sold for $2.8 Million in Dubai. 

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7. 5 – Abu Dhabi | $4.6 Million

Balvinder Sahni is back at it again. In October 2016 paid a cool $4.6 million at a government auction for plate No 5. He said that since the money will go to the government, he hopes it will be used to improve the city’s infrastructure. After all, he would want a smooth road for his eight Rolls Royces, wouldn’t he?


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