Google has always been a trusted search engine. It is how we do things now – given that everything is online, the world surely relies on our devices. But, even Google has changed its course over time. It wasn’t always the way we see it now. 

An old advertisement surfaced on Twitter which shows how Google promised it won’t do all the things, that it’s doing now. It’s almost funny that we talk about it today on April Fools’ – it’s like Google’s mastermind prank, that we didn’t even notice.

Google didn’t have all these features at one point, which was also the USP of the search engine. But clearly, a lot has changed.

For one, it now automatically locates and displays the current weather forecast. There’s also a news feed with comprehensive up-to-date news coverage, aggregated from sources all over the world. 

HT Tech

Not only does Google have it all now, but it also proudly ‘flaunts’ these features and services, given that they are very accessible and useful in the present world. They are without a doubt one of the selling points of the search engine.

Orrisa Post

Google is like all of us right now. Even we posted cringe statuses that we later regretted. Only, we can also delete them.