Artificial Intelligent (AI) is evolving at an unprecedented speed every day. Internet’s latest trend has artists around the world channelising their imagination into developing AI-generated pictures. We’ve collated the list of 13 such really compelling images that seemed so real that we almost fell for them. Take a look.

1. This is not Mark Zuckerberg ramp walking for Louis Vuitton, this is him for AI

Shared by Andrew Kean Gao on Twitter.

Mark Zuckerberg ramp walking AI image

2. Pope Francis in a stylish white puffer Balenciaga coat took the Internet by storm, only it wasn’t him

Pablo Xavier developed the images using Midjourney, an AI art tool, while he was high.

The Pope AI image

3. Just look at this image of Mahatma Gandhi taking a selfie; the detailing REALLY gave me goosebumps

Artist Jyo John Mulloor used Midjourney and Photoshop and created absolutely astounding AI-generated images of famous personalities. He posted the pictures in different series on Instagram; naturally, all of them went viral.

Ai generated images selfie Mahatma Gandhi

4. An artist turned different countries into women, and the results were simply breathtaking

Twenty-year-old Alexa shared the pictures on her Twitter handle Crypto Tea. While the artwork below represents India, she also shared AI-generated images of the USA, Russia, and Greece, among other countries.

India as a woman AI image artists

5. An artist took the cold wave really seriously

Angshuman Choudhury visualised snow-clad Delhi and Kolkata, and we were mesmerised.

AI-generates image of Delhi in snow

6. AI images of Ramayana characters felt as real as they could get

Creative Director & filmmaker Sachin Samuel developed the images with the help of AI.

Ramayana characters by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

7. Seeing Bollywood actors in & as iconic Hollywood characters via AI was truly precious

As part of an experiment, Lazy Eight, a multi-disciplinary design studio, reimagined Bollywood actors as iconic Hollywood characters. And we LOVED it.

Look at SRK as John Rambo:

SRK as John Rambo

8. This re-imagination of the Old Delhi streets with a supernatural tinge to it is both fascinating and chilling at the same time

Prateek Arora took to Twitter to share his AI-generated portraits of ‘Old Delhi by Night’. The pictures were indeed ghostly, provoking, horrifying, and sheer perfection.

Old Delhi haunted AI

9. Pictures of Khaleesi & other GoT characters in Indian avatars make them look even more epic

Not only selfies from famous personalities, but artist Jyo John Mulloor has also shared Game of Thrones characters in Indian costumes, and we are ALL for it.

Game of Thrones characters by AI

10. Pictures of men and women partying went viral recently, but they don’t exist

Twitter user Miles employed Midjourney and developed some really high-definition images of men and women at a party. Without looking closely, you’d never doubt their existence.

party scenes by AI

11. While speculations around Trump’s arrest were doing the rounds of social media, somebody created AI images for the same, and we almost believed them

Eliot Higgins shared the pictures on Twitter.

Trump arrest AI image

12. Lenskart co-founder Peyush Bansal’s AI-generated childhood pic is really believable

An artist named Sahid created AI images of Shark Tank India judges as babies. And they’re very cute.

Ai images of Shark Tank judges as kids

13. Pictures of Delhi in future look alarmingly realistic

AI artist Madhav Kohli shared the pictures on social media.

Delhi future polution AI

Which one got to you the most?

With AI images storming the internet, people are raising concerns about deep fakes. Especially after pictures of the Pope in the puffer coat and Trump getting arrested confused some people. Midjourney founder, David Holz, recently (temporarily) suspended the free trial, citing ‘extraordinary demand’ and ‘trial abuse’.