Every day is a new challenge for people who want to rent a place to live in our country. And every day is a new low for landlords who have houses to rent. It’s almost impossible to find a place without landlords being affected by your gender, religion, caste, sexual orientation and whatnot – it’s like if you want a roof over your head, you have to live life on other people’s terms. Who are we kidding? Even that won’t be enough.

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In yet another incident of “stooping new lows”, a woman was denied a house to rent because she’s a woman. Yes, it’s that blatant. The sad part is, most reasons for not renting places to women comes down to victim blaming – how it’s unsafe for them to ‘live alone’ or it’ll be a problem for men living around their houses.

Roma, who shared the screenshot of her conversation with the potential landlord captioned the image as – “Bangalore landlords leave me speechless every single time.” This is from one of “progressive” cities in the country, imagine wanting a home in the less “forward” places. The landlord even went on to explain how he only rents his place to “bachelors and not bachelorettes”, saying that it automatically means men. Why, thank you, for the vocabulary lesson, that sure helps here.

Twitter is rightly annoyed.

Who said living with your parents is the most difficult thing? Try renting an apartment.