It’s always embarrassing to be caught off-guard, you know, if the people see something that they shouldn’t have. Like being noticed while picking up a toffee off the ground, dusting it, and eating it. They are points in time, when we wish for the world to stop. This might sound dramatic, but hey, it’s not a good feeling. 

This is probably how a BBC anchor felt after being telecasted on national television, while he was taking a break. This happened when the network, unknowingly cut the frame from a live reporting by one of the journalists. And instead ended up showing the studio desk, where Presenter Tim Willcox was seen with his feet resting on the desk, while he was using his phone. 


Understandably, when the presenter realized about accidentally being on TV, he immediately went back to sitting straight. The frame was also cut back to the live reporting, and things happened quickly. However, even a second of goof-up during a live telecast can be caught by thousand of people, which is what happened. 

The clip, of course went viral after the ‘little’ incident, and was also shared by BBC broadcaster Scott Bryan.

And, Twitter is like, ‘been there, done that’.

At least, they realised soon.