Men are not usually held accountable for childcare or chores concerning the family. It is the women who are expected to do most of the work. Even when fathers are involved, it is usually the lighter work that they do, which is also considered as a ‘help’ and not a duty. So, it is refreshing if we come across anything that expects fathers to play just as much part, as mothers do.

Raising Children Network

A Twitter user, Sukhada, shared an image of a diaper changing station in a men’s washroom. And it finally felt like someone understood that raising a child or doing chores like changing the diaper, is not just a woman’s job. The picture was taken at the Bangalore airport, where the sign was spotted. 

We’re so used to the idea of associating mothers with ‘physical and emotional work’ in parenting, that any new change feels like a milestone to be celebrated. While men and women are conventionally assigned tasks that are poles apart and stereotypical, the only thing that matters is, to share the responsibility. And, something as small as a changing station in a men’s washroom is enough to start normalizing it.


Many people on Twitter were happy to see a positive change, specifically in a public place. 

It’s high time that men pick up the slack too.