Ukraine has been in a constant state of terror since Russian President Vladimir Putin declared war on the country on 24th February 2022. Since then, various stories, videos, and images of the on going-war have surfaced on social media. 


Understandably, people are trying to flee to other countries for refuge or return to their homeland. However, a 17-year-old medical student Neha, from Haryana chose otherwise. She’s decided to stay back in the war-torn Ukraine. Neha had rented a room at a home of a construction engineer in Kyiv, who’s voluntarily joined the Ukrainian Army to fight. She’s currently staying with the house owner’s wife and children in a bunker to help and support them. 

People are moved by the student’s gesture and the brave decision that she made.


A friend of the student’s family, Savita Jakhar shared a post on Facebook where she expressed the situation in a note. Her mother got in touch with the embassy and made the arrangements to get her evacuated. But, Neha refused to leave before the war ends and the family is safe. 

I may live or not, but I will not leave these children and their mother in such a situation.


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Ukraine agreed for peace talks, 4 days after Russia invaded the country.