It looks like Heineken took the term BYOB to a whole ‘nother level. Because now, you can literally bring your beer anywhere you go. All you gotta do is, walk and it’ll be ‘on you’. The brand has come up with beer-filled sneakers, and it’s definitely a manifestation because these things don’t ‘just happen’.

Heineken collaborated with noted designer, Dominic Ciambrone, to design these kicks. And like this wasn’t surprising enough, they also added a removable metal bottle opener built into the tongue in the shoes – because playing peekaboo with openers is not so fun (someone finally realised).


“The Shoe Surgeon” literally injected beer into the soles to create a smooth sensation while you walk. So, you’ll be actually walking on beer – and that’s a sentence I never thought I’d say. Heineken’s “Heinekicks,” match the shades of green, silver and red found on Heineken Silver bottles. 

Of course, a lot of us still think we’re dreaming. It’s a lot to take in. 

All we need to know is if we can drink it, and then maybe a tutorial on ‘how’ to. 

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