Indian middle class is both famous and infamous. They are the ones who feel the most affected by the government policies. They have a peculiar way of doing things. They are the central component of jokes.

But who exactly belongs to the middle class? Just like you, this person was confused as to who should be called a middle class family. So he turned to Reddit for help and it was a long discussion.


As a part of the answers, a person from Mumbai mentioned his family’s salary and asked if they were middle class or not.

Considering it’s Mumbai, this is what the Redditors said:

A few people made their own definitions of ‘middle class’.

Then there were those who requested everyone to be thankful for the privileges they have and not worry about their ‘class’.

This one’s an elaborate description of what middle class families look like in India.

Don’t we all have more liabilities than assets?

All jokes apart, this thread started a meaningful discussion on ‘middle class’ as India witnesses a massive shift towards a middle class society in the recent times.