It’s almost impossible to not hate something, anything. And, anyone who says otherwise – teach me. I mean, there are so many things that we cannot like, no matter how hard we try. For instance, family functions or a character from a movie, who’s too mean. On some days, it’s the smallest of things, like the sound of someone chewing. The point is, we all hate something, and it’s okay to accept it out loud – at least the non-controversial opinions.  

And, according to Redditors, here are some things that deserve ALL the hate they get:

1. “Long unskippable double ads on YouTube.”

2. “Bed bugs, they don’t even serve any purpose in the food chain really.”

3. “Children’s beauty contests.”

4. “Multilevel marketing schemes.”

5. “Pineapple on pizza.”

6. “Dolores Umbridge.”

7. “The last season of Game Of Thrones.”

8. “KFC replacing their potato wedges with french fries.”

9. “Flat-earthers.”

10. “TikTok.”

11. “The overturning of Roe v. Wade.”

12. “Pop-up ads. Even the person who invented them regrets it.”

13. “Free trials that ask for your bank details.”

14. “Mosquitoes.”

15. “Telemarketing.”

It’s normal, no?