Elections, campaigns, vote bank and everything related to politics usually turns into a competition of who’s better at (lying) promising – not realistic things, of course. Clearly, politics is responsible for more trust issues than relationships can ever be. And hence, following this common practice of promises (unfulfilled), we’ve got a sarpanch candidate who has left the internet shocked with his manifesto.

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Jaikaran Lathwal, a candidate from Sirsadh village created quite the stir with his campaign poster, so much so, that its impact is no more contained in the village. His viral manifesto promises three airports in the village, abolishment of GST, bringing down petrol and gas cylinder prices, with freebies like Wifi, make-up kit for women and whatnot.

There were times when manifestos had lies that were at least believable, now they’re not even trying. Kudos to him on the confidence, though.

Jaikaran Lathwal’s poster has definitely garnered attention, probably not the kind that’ll get voters.


Incredible India, indeed.