Being born before the Y2K came with its own perks and downsides. A lot of us missed out on the incredible and edgy things which the years post-2000 brought along with it. But nonetheless, the 90s were iconic.

Recently we came across a thread on Reddit where users discussed the struggles and the experiences that the generation born after 2000 would never have to face. The answers are pure nostalgia. Read on to find out more.

1. “Having to delete text messages because your phone can only store a maximum of 10 messages.” – Tinkletoe07

2. “The fact that texts were entirely separate instead of being consolidated into conversations. You’d have to go back and open up like 10 texts to try to remember what the hell you and your friend were talking about.” – catsinlittlehats

3. “You nearly have that download….You’ve been working on it for hours…..Someone picks up the phone and everything is lost.” – svladcjelli2001

4. “Downloading a song only to find out it’s a virus and now your dad is going to kill you.” – Shadow_Klopp

5. “Driving without GPS. Here’s a paper map. I hope you know how to read it. Better hope it’s up to date.” – MikeyPapapacha

6. “Needing to find information on a topic not found in Encarta 95.” – jrinneard

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7. “Getting up to change the TV channel.” – IL_JimP

8. “Memorizing phone numbers.” – cantstandlol

9. “Having to plan something and stick to it. You couldn’t call or text when you’re around the corner. You had to plan to meet at so and so’s house, or X location/restaurant/shop and you actually had to show up.” – DesertByproduct

10. “Having to constantly hold the TV antenna, in the right spot, for good reception.” – ballatthecornerflag


11. “Calling a landline and asking whoever answered if your crush was home. Then having a secret code conversation because the phone was almost always in a common room of the house and noisy parents were always around.” – cloudywater1


12. “The correlation between a pencil and a cassette tape. Or a cassette tape for that matter.” – Extension_Lime2876

13. “How Windows XP and Windows 7 were freaking sexy!!!!! And old school Counter Strike and Days Of Defeat.” – Rexer45

14. “Smoking candy cigarettes and thinking you were hot shit.” – anon

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15. “Experiencing the Harry Potter books (and movies) as they came out. I doubt that my generation will ever experience any series like that ever again. Some of my favourite memories from my adolescence are going to the midnight releases and midnight showings of the movies. Just that joy of anticipation.” – anon

What else would you add to this list?