There is a huge difference between correcting someone’s grammatical errors and trolling them for the same. While English has become an universal language and it is important for people to know and understand it, a few errors here and there or being less than fluent is not something anyone should be trolled for.

But trolls being themselves, wait for opportunities to point out and mock others’ grammatical errors and even typos. Here’s a few such instances.

1. When Co-founder of a creative solutions company mocked someone’s English grammar on LinkedIn.

2. When netizens re-shared the old tweets posted by our new Health Minister Mansukh L. Mandaviya to point at the grammatical errors/typos soon after his appointment.

3. When people trolled Rahul Gandhi for a grammatical error in an obituary tweet for Milkha Singh, he did not make.

Such is our intolerance that netizens quickly pointed out that it should be ‘India remembers him #FlyingSikh’ and not ‘India remembers her #FlyingSikh’ without reading the entire tweet.

4. When people called out Chetan Bhagat for a typo in one of his tweets.

He later apologised for the error but not without trolling the troll. Tit for tat?

5. When trolls mocked Justin Bieber for a spelling mistake in his Instagram story giving a shout out to all the mums holding it together during lockdown.

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6. When people made fun of Shashi Tharoor for a minute spelling error in one of his tweets.

Netizens quickly noticed the spelling error in the name of the city Ahmedabad.

7. When British journalist Piers Morgan did not miss the chance to correct Virender Sehwag’s spelling mistake in a congraulatory tweet for India.

8. When netizens trolled Princess Eugenie, a member of the British royal family, on Instagram for misspelling ‘you’re’.


9. When netizens took a dig at Kayne West’s grammar in a tweet where he posted about hanging out with Family Feud host Steve Harvey.

10. When netizens didn’t miss the chance to troll an Indian national urging for some immigration help from ministry of External Affairs.

The tweet that has now been deleted, read:

I from India in Punjab but I’m now in Malaysia here one my friend mental I want send go back to India but immigration say we are cannot help you first here treatment your friend after can I send India your friend can you ask immigration.

The then Foreign Minister, Sushma Swaraj responded to this troll.

Thinking how to troll these grammar nazis.