On some days I think that the world was better off without applications and I wish, with all my might, to witness the downfall of technology. But, then I realize that Zomato’s also an app. 

And seriously though, a lot of them do make life easier. However, there are some weird, useless apps that just exist. They’re just there. Or no — they do serve some purpose, on days you feel that you’re good for nothing.

They will make you feel better about your own existence. 

1. Electric Shaver

The app basically makes the phone screen look like an electric razor. Of course, it won’t shave, phone Wolverine nahi bann jayega. Its only purpose is to make a sound, which your razor would do, while also SHAVING, which it’s made for.

Google Play Store

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2. Pointless Button

They didn’t even try convincing with the name. It’s just a button, that you’d want to press because it’s there. You know, like kids keep a coin in their mouth to just see what happens, it’s a similar kick (no, I didn’t do it).

Google Play Store

3. Nothing

I’m telling you, they’re not even trying. It’s not even clickbait. The app literally tells you that it does nothing and if you still go on and install it, then it says more about you than the person who developed it. 

Google Play Store

4. Kissing Test

If you’ve low self-esteem, you might install this app. But you’ll leave with lower self-esteem because kissing the phone screen is not helping anyone. Oh, and it’s gross! 

Google Play Store
Google Play Store

5. Real Ghost Detector 

They said real, so I’m sold. So, the app does what it says, it supposedly detects ghosts, or likes to believe it does. And according to the app, either I’m a ghost, or I’m sitting on one. 

Google Play Store

6. Portable Fan

There are people complaining about this app – saying that it doesn’t function. I’m just — Hawa nahi aati, guys, of course, nahi aati.

Google Play Store

7. PoopLog

This is not really useless, but definitely weird. The major conflict and turning point in Piku were related to identifying the characteristics of poop. So, this does make sense.

Google Play Store

8. Send Me To Heaven

Thankfully, this app isn’t what it sounds. Its function is to measure the vertical distance that the mobile phone is thrown. Basically, it’s more of an ego-boost than an app. Of course, there’s the risk of damaging the phone, but whatever floats your boat.

Google Play Store

9. Demotivational Quotes And Insults 

It’ll do to you what a dinner with relatives does. But hey, Digital India – digitize your besti! The app has demotivational insults that will definitely turn that smile upside-down. 

Google Play Store

10. Pluck Pop Squeeze

I’ve no judgment on how anyone treats their pimples and blackheads. But, I need to understand how someone sat down and decided to draw fun out of it. You can pop pimples, squeeze blackheads and pluck hair. Yes, THIS is for fun.

Google Play Store

You’re going to check them out, aren’t you? Ah, this weird human urge.

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