Public places and public transport should be treated like they are, public. The bare minimum that we can do, as part of the society is to avoid anything that causes problems for the rest of the people. But so many people miss the memo. And so, another viral video has raised questions around the safety in public transport like Metro.

Delhi Metro
Source: Twitter

A political leader shared an old video of two women arguing in the metro. And the concerning part is that it soon turned violent. One of them warns the other, as a result of which she brings out the pepper spray and points it at the woman. This intense argument led to a tussle, where one of the woman stops the other from using the pepper spray.

Video of Woman Using Pepper Spray
Source: Twitter

However, this didn’t end well and causes a lot of commotion for the rest of the people as the woman sprays it in the air. While the fight ended here, this behaviour was problematic and violated rules. Using pepper spray is an act of self-defense, which is understandable, but this wasn’t entirely the case here.

We do need public spots to be safer, but as citizens, we also have some part to play.